On March 7, Sound of Hope’s “Jiang Feng Moment” published an interview with General David Stilwell, former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs during the Trump Administration. In this interview, General Stilwell shared his opinion about China-Russia’s relationship.

According to Stilwell, China has no real allies, neither North Korea nor Pakistan. Specifically, he indicated that since 1953, the end of the Korean War, North Korea has not been a friend of China, even though they claim to be allies.

When referring to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he said, “Pakistan is doing its best to rebuild the relationship with the U.S. because the CPEC went wrong.”

Stillwell also said, “Now you hear a lot of people saying that China and Russia are going to shake hands and become a powerful force. I don’t think that’s possible at all! Impossible to happen.”

The Russian port city of Vladivostok, near Heilongjiang, was Chinese territory before the Beijing Treaty of 1860. So Stillwell said that, because of this, China’s military does not have access to the Sea of ​​Japan. What is more, North Korea and Russia built a bridge over the Tumen River to prevent Chinese ships from entering China through that passage, so Beijing lost that strategic port.

He added that in 1969, Russia, the leader of the Soviet Union, and China had an armed conflict on the Mongolian border.

Stillwell explained that there are too many disputes between China and Russia; therefore, a good relationship between these two countries can’t happen.

He added, “China is duplicitous, but it stabs a knife in the back while saying good things on the surface,”

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