From April 15 to May 16, the Chinese regime conducted an online opinion poll on matters related to the CCP’s 20th National Congress of Deputies, reported ET. The media said it was a directive of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) leader Xi Jinping. 

The CCP media said on June 26 that the poll received more than 8.542 million comments.

Among the eight items for public opinion, the question of whether people agree with “upholding and strengthening the comprehensive leadership of the [Chinese Communist] Party” topped the list.

According to ET, if netizens want to submit their comments to the CCP, they must enter their phone number to get a verification code.

A few years ago, the Chinese regime required people using phone numbers to register their real names. In addition, Chinese cybersecurity can determine the location of the messenger through the IP address.

Current affairs observer Wang He told ET on June 27 that the CCP traps netizens, so they must write their comments carefully if they don’t want to be investigated.

According to Wang, the exercise was democracy in disguise show. That is, the citizens are not allowed to express their honest opinion.

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