Donald Trump is back and, true to form, he’s not holding back anything that happened over the past few months.

In a statement issued late Sunday, June 27, Trump lashed out at Attorney General William Barr.

But in addition, from Barr’s own mouth, the complicities of the Washington establishment, especially the top leadership of the Republican Party, are coming to light so that the truth of what happened on November 3 is unknown.

The revelations show that the Washington quagmire is deeper than we thought.

Barr was the last attorney general Donald Trump had and resigned in the last days of his term, after refusing to fully investigate allegations of irregularities that occurred in the November 3 election.

In his Sunday statement, Trump branded Barr a RINO, meaning a “Republican In Name Only”, a label to denote those who call themselves Republicans and conservatives, but are not.

He pointed out that Barr failed to investigate voter fraud and let the American people down.

He gave as an example that Barr did not even want to investigate “the scam that took place in Georgia of ballot stuffing on camera.”

In addition, the MAGA movement leader highlighted that when Barr was in office he did not understand the Horowitz report, which showed that there was no famous Russian collusion between the Trump team and the Kremlin, and which in turn exposed the illegal spying carried out by the Obama-Biden Administration, which was dubbed ObamaGate.

“(William Barr)  let everyone down with respect to getting a timely investigation (where’s Durham?) on all of the corruption of the Obama-Biden Administration.”

“It’s people in authority like Bill Barr that allow the crazed Radical Left to succeed.”

“He and other RINOs in the Republican Party are being used in order to try to convince people that the election was legitimate when so many incredible facts have now come out to show conclusively that it wasn’t.”

“He came in with a semi-bang and went out with a whimper.”

Trump highlighted Bill Barr’s contradiction on the Nov. 3 fraud.

When he served as attorney general, Barr had initially pointed out that Democrats were changing election rules to flood the system with mail-in ballots that in his own words were “very open to fraud.”

However, after Nov. 3, Barr refused to fully investigate the immense number of complaints that had been filed in different states.

In this regard, Trump wondered:

“If there was no fraud, why are Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and other States spending so much time and effort on exposing the fraud?”

In the harsh statement against Barr, the former GOP frontrunner listed a laundry list of irregularities about the election, such as 101,789 “obsolete” voters on Georgia’s rolls, including 18. 486 dead people; the problems in the chain of custody of the mailboxes in Georgia, where hundreds of thousands of ballots are missing; the thousands of ballots “wheeled in through the back door” in Fulton County days after the election; the almost 200,000 illegal votes “indefinitely confined” in Wisconsin that violated the voter ID law; the thousands of votes of illegal aliens, and a long, etc.

Trump made his blunt statements hours after an interview of Bill Barr speaking with ABC News anchor Jonathan Karl was published.

The interview was published in The Atlantic this Sunday and is part of a new book called “Betrayal,” to be released in November.

In the interview, Barr downplayed Trump and his legal team’s allegations of alleged fraud last Nov. 3.

But in addition, Barr, who also served as attorney general during George Bush Sr.’s presidency, revealed some internal issues within the Republican Party.

And he pointedly referred to the one who seems to be the visible face of the RINOs and the interests of the establishment in the Grand Old Party: Mitch McConnell.

As The Atlantic details, publicly, McConnell had said nothing to criticize Trump and his legal team’s accusations. Yet, he told Barr privately that Trump’s claims hurt the country and the Republican Party.

According to McConnell’s view, ahead of the Senate runoff in Georgia, which was in early January of this year, Republicans needed to make the case that with Biden soon to be in the White House, it was crucial that they have a majority in the Senate to check their power.

At this revelation from Barr, Trump pointed out:

“Now it was revealed that Barr was being pushed to tell lies about the election by Mitch McConnell, another beauty, who was worried about damaging the Republicans chances in the Georgia runoff.”

“What really damaged the Senate Republicans was allowing their races to be rigged and stolen, and worse, the American people to no longer believe their vote matters because spineless RINOs like Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell did nothing.”

Many patriots wonder why Trump did not make more headway on the establishment and the corruption of the Washington swamp, perhaps the answer lies in these revelations by Barr.

Trump had a good part of his own party against him, and he trusted that by putting people from the establishment that had courage, the web of spurious complicity that was woven for years in the United States could be unraveled.

One of those people would have been Barr, who did not want or did not know how to take that crucial responsibility given to him by President Trump.

“Bill Barr was a disappointment in every sense of the word. Besides which, Barr, who was Attorney General (lawyer) shouldn’t be speaking about the President. Instead of doing his job, he did the opposite and told people within the Justice Department not to investigate the election.”

“Just like he did with the Mueller report and the cover up of Crooked Hillary and RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, they don’t want to investigate the real facts.”

“Bill Barr’s weakness helped facilitate the cover up of the Crime of the Century, the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election!” said Trump.

Barr’s statements and Trump’s corresponding response demonstrate that the Washington swamp is much deeper than previously believed. The complicities involve both Democrats and Republicans. And that is why it took an outsider to expose their misdeeds, although obviously, that was not enough. It remains to be seen that civil society and honest politicians will step forward and continue this legacy. But, the first step has already been taken.

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