A Texas Democratic lawmaker posted the photo of his purchase on his Twitter account: a doll of Dr. Antony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Communicable Diseases, celebrating him as a hero and asking his followers to ‘honor’ him by getting the vaccine.

“I got the best action figure for Christmas.

Thanks to all the health superheroes working today—let’s help get vaccinated and boosted!” wrote Texas state legislator James Talarico.

On the Amazon page where the Fauci doll is being sold, along with Pope Francis, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and others, the description reads as follows:

Dr. Fauci: “He stood up to Trump and is sticking around after to help us make it through this pandemic. Brooklyn born and bred, Dr. Fauci’s been looking out for Americans’ health for over 30 years and 6 Presidents. And that’s why we made him into an action figure. Mask included, of course.”

“You can purchase this Dr. Fauci action figure for someone who adores him,” says another caption.

“Taking them out of the box won’t ruin their condition, so take them with you to rallies, or on photoshoots,” the seller suggests.

“Celebrate your real life heroes with these cool action figures, perfect for your desktop, or as stylish, conversation-starting home decor,” is another recommendation.

In one of the sections, the seller shows a photo of Dr. Fauci doll holding what appears to be a purple potion or perhaps a poison as he stares at former President Donald Trump doll who is strapped to a torture bed with a helmet, in what appears to be the moment when Fauci is about to torture Trump, as reported by Gateway Pundit.

It is not clear from the ad whether this option can be requested explicitly by the manufacturer or if the image was precisely placed there to stir anti-Trump feelings on potential buyers. 

The reaction from people on social media did not take long to be noticed.

Tim Murtaugh, Trump’s former communications director, tweeted, “This is how Fauci’s ‘action figure’ is being promoted on Amazon as an “Amazon’s Choice” selection on the website.

Buzz Patterson, a veteran of the armed forces and a candidate for Congress, used irony to laugh at the issue on Twitter.

“I bet it was made in China. Just like the virus and Fauci were.”

Another Twitter user sarcastically commented that Fauci and the scientists are becoming the new leaders of a cult with the help of the media.

“America isn’t becoming less religious, it’s just choosing a different religion to follow.”

Jenna Ellis, Trump’s lawyer who accompanied him during the process of objecting to the election result, tweeted:

“This is for over 14 but is the vaccine suitable for 5 year olds?”

Others commented, “At least the mask is removeable.”


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