According to Apollo News, Chinese state media CCTV reported that the U.S. military renovated the North Field Airport as a backup airport for Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. CCTV said that this U.S activity is basically to deal with China.

Guam is a U.S. territory located some 1,800 miles from China. This island has the closest U.S. bases to Chinese territory.

North Field is on Tinian island, located near Guam. This airport contributed aircraft to the 1945 campaign to attack Japan in World War II. Japan originally built North Field. After that, the U.S. military took it over.

The Chinese regime’s mouthpiece added that Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, now in use, is critical to U.S. military operations in the Western Pacific. But the base is vulnerable to saturation missile attacks. Therefore, it is very necessary to build a backup airport elsewhere.

CCTV noted that a backup airport on Tinian Island could increase the aircraft capacity of the U.S. military. And if the Guam base is entirely unusable, actions can be launched from there. In other words, the new airport will give the U.S. military “one more option” in deployment in the Western Pacific.

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