It’s not everyday you see a gorilla communicating to other people using sign language. That’s why this particular mammal at Miami Zoo attracted visitors when he tried to tell other people that he wasn’t allowed to be fed.

However, things changed pretty quickly when his trainer wasn’t looking at him.

The video, which was filmed by a tourist, shows the gorilla communicating to the crowd using sign language. He was saying that he couldn’t accept food as it’s not allowed.

But then, one visitor threw an orange, and he secretly caught the fruit. He looked around to check if his trainer was looking before eating a slice. Pretty cheeky!

The footage was captured in 2013, but it has resurfaced online and gained praises from thousands of people around the world.

“The way he caught it was so epic,” one commented.

“I love how casually he catches it and turns his head to see if the zookeeper noticed,” another one said.

Teaching sign language to gorillas is a practice in the United States, and the most popular case is Koko gorilla at San Francisco Zoo. Francine Patterson, her trainer, is believed to have taught her over 1,000 words.

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