If you find yourself out of a job beyond a certain age nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a new one. Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies have a strong bias toward hiring younger workers and often overlook more seasoned potential employees. However, that is not the case for this Colorado fast food joint.

According to Business Insider, a number of large Fast Food chains, including giant McDonalds, are increasingly turning to senior citizens to fill out their staffing needs. The website claims that there are two main factors leading to this phenomenon.

The first is that the US is currently suffering from a labor shortage in many areas, leading to increased demand from people of all age ranges.

“You’ve got an environment where, really, the economy is strong,” BTIG analyst Peter Saleh told Business Insider. “People are trading up into better jobs. There aren’t as many employees or capable employees to do the jobs these companies need.”

The second is that people are simply working longer. As a result of increased healthcare, we have an aging population who are still capable of work and eager to work for as long as they can.

Business Insider reports that there is an expected increase of 4.5% for the number of workers aged 65-74 between 2004 and 2024, whereas the number of workers aged 16-24 is expected to drop by 1.4% in the same period.

Angela Hayes, district manager of Pita Pit in Colorado Springs, told KOAA-TV “Hire those senior citizens. They know their stuff.”

Angela said she would hire senior citizens over teenagers, and often does in her fast food restaurants. She explained, “There’s nothing wrong with kids, but it just seems that nowadays — the whole millennial thing, there’s very few of them that have good work ethics.”

Illustration – Pixabay

She went on to explain more about the differences between older and younger workers, and how important it is not to be prejudiced:

Honestly, I try not to really hire teenagers…you’ve always got to have an open mind because there are some good ones out there, but for the most part I try not to.

I love my little senior citizen, June, that works here. Customers love her…it’s just better to get older people with more experience. They’re on time. They’re friendlier…and they’re not on their cell phone all the time

One employee, Cove Boyd, explained the reasons for wanting to work as a senior citizen. She told KOAA, “People my age that are my friends are working because they have to supplement their income and they’re also fearful of no Social Security being there.”

Whatever the reason, it is great to see that ageism is not making its mark in Colorado Springs, and those senior citizens who want to keep on working and contributing can do so with the help of unprejudiced managers like Angela.

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