A young woman has no confidence in oral contraceptives ever since tiny embryos developed inside of her many times, even after taking them every day.

Hannah Donaghue recently gave up on at least one birth control method because she had babies despite always being on the pill.

The 30-year-old from the English East Midlands town of Northampton blames ineffective birth control pills for causing her to fall pregnant three times in the past decade. Her latest bundle of joy was a set of triplets, bringing an eye-watering total of five children to her immediate family.

“I have well and truly given up on the pill,” she said according to Tip Hero. “The triplets have more than doubled our family and we are [also] looking to move to a four-bedroom house, as space is currently tight for a family of seven. I have also traded in my Mini for a seven-seater car.”

Mom gives birth to triplets after 10 years on the pill on Feb. 12, 2021. (Screenshot/Caters Clips via TheBL/YouTube)

Donaghue made the remarks after reflecting on her first pregnancy eight years ago when she was just 18-years-old and living in a one-bedroom apartment. Although she was not ready to start a family, the expecting mother quickly embraced her little gift from God.

“When our daughter Megan, now 10, was born I took to motherhood straight away,” she said according to the publication. “I had worked in a nursery, so caring for her came naturally to me but I was not planning on having another any time soon.”

The new mother thought it would be good to ask a General Practitioner (GP) to prescribe her a new oral contraceptive. She also made a habit of taking the pill at the same time every day.

“I went to the GP and switched my pill, then made sure I took it religiously at the same time every day,” she said according to the Daily Mail. “But, just two months later, I felt a familiar twinge and realized my period was late—it could not have happened again, surely?”

When she saw the home pregnancy kit show a positive result, she “almost fainted.” She became so nervous and scared that she hesitated to spread the news. Fortunately, her mother supported and cherished the second child named Charlie.

Baby. (Pexels)

After birth control pills failed twice, Donaghue resorted to a contraceptive implant instead. She broke up with her then-boyfriend and decided she did not need a new partner in life.

However, eight years later, she began to suffer side-effects from the implant, so she began retaking oral contraceptives. At this point, she reunited with her former boyfriend, Ben, at a party and started feeling unwell shortly afterward.

“I had known him years earlier and there was definite chemistry between us, and that night we ended up going home together,” she said according to the Daily Mail. “Afterwards my period arrived as normal but, two weeks later, I woke up feeling something wet in my pajama bottoms. I looked down and there was blood everywhere.”

After visiting the hospital, clinicians informed her that her symptoms indicated she was once again pregnant. Except for this time, there were three tiny heartbeats.

“‘There is one heartbeat … and there is the second one,’” Donaghue recalled the sonographer saying according to Tip Hero. “‘And there is the third one,’ she added–what? She was telling me I was pregnant with three babies!”

Although birth control pills can prevent women from falling pregnant, there is still a slight 1 percent chance of pregnancy occurring. The BL understands Donaghue was one of these rare cases.

The couple kept all of the babies, and the mother successfully delivered Ella Rose, Kasey, and Lester through a caesarian section surgical procedure about 32 weeks into pregnancy.

“We do have five little miracles to thank it for–they were obviously meant to be,” she said according to the Daily Mail.

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