A canine comforted a missing 3 year-old girl after she wandered off into a Missouri cornfield.

Remy Merritt disappearing from her Missouri front yard was no pleasant experience for the toddler and her mother, Timberlyn.

The mother became filled with anxiety and despair as she frantically searched for her daughter after dark. The Merritt residence is just across the street from a large and thick cornfield. After quickly phoning 911 for emergency assistance, the woman ran into the cornfield and called her daughter’s name until her voice became hoarse.

“I thought she was going to be scared because it was dark and she was all alone,” she said in a video shared on YouTube. “I did not know if she knew we were coming for her, I did not know what she was thinking.”

Helpful neighbors quickly joined the hunt. Soon almost 150 people, including police officers, arrived to help find the child. They split into different groups and began sifting through acres of 8 foot-tall corn stalks.

Timberlyn feared the worst had happened to her loved one.

“There are all kinds of wild animals,” she can be heard saying. “We hear coyotes all the time down here.”

The search continued through the night and the mother recorded part of her trek through the pitch-black cornfield. Finally, at about 8 a.m. the following morning rescuers heard a faint bark from afar.

Rescuers quickly realized, Remy was in good company the whole night. Friendly Yorkshire terrier Health kept her entertained until help arrived. He stayed at the little girl’s side the entire time, never leaving her side. Heath made sure Remy was secure and out of harm’s way.

Timberlyn became overcome with love and happiness after the toddler was discovered nearly a half-mile from the house. She burst into tears and wrapped her arms around her daughter.

The pair was treated for mild dehydration and insect bites.

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