We sometimes can be tricked by our own eyes. This delicate octopus artwork is one among the cases when we may initially mistake it as a drawing before realizing it as a masterpiece of hand-crafted paper artwork.

“Wearing” the white outfits, appearing on a black background, the viewers find it hard to believe that this intricate octopus is cut from just a single sheet of paper. Instead, they may think it is a product of fine ballpoint pen drawing. 

Masayo Fukuda, the artwork creator, has meticulously cut every single part of the octopus body from a piece of white A2 paper, including its rounded body, bulging eyes, and many tentacles, before releasing a realistic image of a life-sized octopus. 

A variety of textured sections are used for the arm suckers and the head’s swirling patterns to ensure the patterned laces of the octopus appearance, making it an incredible art creation, which does not look like a paper-cutting image at all. 

The Japanese artist has spent two months finishing the animal-of-the-sea image and considers it as her best work of 2018. 

Fukuda has received worldwide recognition for “creating living lives” through her talent of paper-cutting, known as “Kirie” art in Japan. She has spent 25 years on her passion before being nominated as one of the greatest Kirie artists, according to Awesome Inventions

The talented artist considers “cutting pictures” a tool to relieve all her daily-life stresses. Her creations are exhibited at Miraie Gallery in Osaka and on her Instagram page.

“If you want to create your own work of art, all the basics you need are tant paper, a cutter, matte, and a good light source,” Fukuda told Bored Panda. 

“Kirie,” meaning “cut picture,” is a traditional art of cutting a single white paper sheet to deliver elaborate forms. 

To complete a “Kirie” art, it takes a great deal of time and tireless creativity to bring the paper characters in imagination into real life, requiring from the artists a steady hand, unlimited imagination, and constant patience.

When the cutting process comes to an end, the artist will put it over a dark background to highlight its appearance. 

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