An army veteran who fought in Afghanistan has been reunited with his service dog after it was lost in Boardman, Ohio, last week.

Nick Rankin had requested assistance from the local community in locating the two-year-old German Shepherd that assists him in managing his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

He relocated to the neighborhood from New York two weeks ago. However, less than a week after moving there, the veteran’s cherished dog broke out from its kennel. Nick launched an urgent search for his missing dog named Fossy, urging residents to be vigilant and offering a $300 prize.

“He’s phenomenal. He’s my best friend. He goes everywhere I go. He’s friendly with everybody. He’s great with all animals,” Nick told WKBN.

Fossy had been missing for almost 24 hours by the time of Nick’s Facebook post to the group “Youngstown Area Lost And Found Pets.”

“Going on 24 hr. since my service dog, Fossy was lost, and I haven’t slept since. Giving a $300 reward to whoever finds him. I know he’s extremely scared right now because he hasn’t been alone since he was 2 months old when I got him,” Nick said.

“He means the world to me. I just moved here from NY last week, so I’m still learning the area.”

Fossy had been eating cat food Michael Chapel had out for his cats. Officials then put a cage behind Chapel’s barn to catch Fossy, and 12 hours after it was set Fossy was caught.

Needless to say, it made Nick’s day to be reunited with his German Shepherd. Rankin and Chapel said the community and police were a huge help in helping find Fossy.

Nick feels thankful, saying: “he’s always with us, he’s never alone ever, so it’s… the amount of relief and amount of gratefulness to have him back is just insane; he’s a survivor.” The army vet felt happy that the dog did not appear hungry or ill following his escapade.

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