A veteran became very emotional when meeting the girl who wrote him a thank you letter 12 years ago. She is now an Army reserve herself.

Twelve years ago, DeShauna Priest was just nine years old when she wrote a thank you letter to Frank Grasberger, a World War II veteran.

The letter was so meaningful to Grasberger. He kept the letter with him since receiving it in 2009 during an honorary flight to Washington.

“I could not understand how a young girl could write a letter to a veteran when she—I don’t think she had any idea what a war was,” Grasberger said according to People. “And she wrote a letter, and what tore me up is how she wrote it and showed flowers coming out of a helmet.”

“I was very impressed, as young as she was, that she thought about a veteran and how she made it a letter to a veteran,” the 95-year-old vet went on to say. “I really wanted to see her.”

However, he was never able to find out the letter’s author until later this July.

DeShauna Priest came to see Grasberger after a VITALIA Senior Residences staffer at Strongsville, Ohio, tracked down her on social media.

The former soldier grew emotional when he learned the woman in front of him and the little child who had written him a letter 12 years ago were the same person, according to Spotlight.

DeShauna has turned 21, much to his astonishment. She joined the Army National Guard Reserve as well.

Priceless stories and memories were exchanged, and they plan to stay in touch after that.

“We cried together,” Priest said. “We’ve cried together. I don’t really cry around anyone.”

Grasberger has been blessed with several miracles in his life, and DeShauna is undoubtedly one of them.

“There’s love there, deep down in the heart. She’s like my third daughter, she really is”, Grasberger said.

Several commenters said the story is touching.

“It’s good to see a great story like this especially with the stuff going on in the world today. God Bless both of them”, one said.

“Love this wonderful story, sweet!!! So many hardened hateful hearts everywhere in our country these days, we need more heart warming stories like this,” said another one.

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