Three Chinese American girls living in the United States have discovered they are cousins through at-home DNA tests, and they quickly bonded, Daily Mail reported.

Lily Bolka, Chloe Lipitz, and Sadie Mangelsdorf were born in China and adopted by different parents in the U.S. After taking DNA tests through 23andMe; they found they have the same lineage and connected online.

After bonding over their shared ancestry, the trio enlisted the assistance of My China Roots, a history and travel group to help them find their birth parents and relatives in China.

When a researcher found information on Lily’s birth parents, they all decided to travel together to China to trace their roots.

“Looking for one’s lost history is important,” Liu Hao, a researcher with the group, said. “My job is to track down those people who might have a connection with Lily, Sadie, and Chloe.”

Hao told Lily that she might have found her birth parents.

Lily’s adoptive mother will also join her, Chloe, and Sadie to travel to China.

The story of the cousins tracking down their birth families will play out in the upcoming documentary Found, which premieres on Netflix on Oct. 20.

“It all stated when I did 23andMe. And that’s how I found Lily and Sadie,” Chloe says in a trailer.

“It opened up new ideas about our adoption,” Lily added.

The hour-and-a-half-long film is filled with emotions. In addition to some tourist fun like a stop at the Great Wall, the cousins also visit their orphanages and reunite with the nannies who cared for them as babies. 

Taking to Instagram, Lily said her trip is “absolutely life changing.”

“I could not be more grateful for this journey and opportunity,” she said. ”I am so excited for what is to come in the future! I am eternally grateful for all of the unconditional love and support from my friends and family!”

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