We usually admire heroes in movies, but just a few people are willing to be heroes in real life.

Suddenly being asked for help by someone in danger probably confuses or even frightens many people. However, Kevin’s instant and kind-hearted decision truly saved a life in seconds and inspired several viewers, as Spotlightstories reported.

Kevin Huntington is a constructor on Interstate 95, his local highway, in Northern Virginia, where he beholds many strange passengers passing by, and dangerous incidents occur.

On Thursday, the highway was hustling and bustling as it does on any typical day. Kevin was on roadwork duty on the interstate near Mile Marker 155.

Suddenly, he noticed a car was accelerating at high speed. Then, a woman jumped out of the speeding vehicle, astonishing Kevin.

She ran towards him, shouting for help, asking him to place a 911 call.

Following her desperate pleading for help, Kevin dialed the phone right away, attempting to ask for support and reporting the ongoing case. 

The woman told Kevin that a man was trying to murder her, responding to Kevin’s question about her threatening situation. 

Rather than being terrified or anxious by what he had just heard, Kevin appeared calm.

Kevin asked her to hide behind his back to protect the woman from unexpected things that may menace her life.

Later, Aaron Berg stopped his car, emerging right next to them.

Fortunately, police appeared just in time, apprehending Berg. They had already been searching for him after a kidnapping report was filed. Berg was arrested for “kidnapping, strangling, and sexually assaulting an 18-year old,” Spotlightstories reported.

Thanks to Kevin’s willingness to help, without a moment’s hesitation, the lucky woman was saved in a narrow escape. 

Since the miraculous escape, information about the woman has remained unknown. However, Kevin hopes to learn about her, ensuring she still stays safe and sound after all. 

In an interview with WTVR, Kevin encouraged people to perform any possible help actions in emergency conditions, which may indeed save a threatened life. He said: “Pick up the phone and help somebody; you never know whose life you may save.”

It’s not so easy to do in threatening situations where giving a hand to help others means risking your own life. However, Kevin has proved that kindness and bravery always pay off.

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