A 69-year-old Vietnam veteran in Texas is retiring early with no mortgage payments, thanks to the generosity of his boss.

Albert Brigas, of San Antonio, planned to retire next year after paying off the mortgage on the house he has lived in for 24 years, KENS5 reported.

However, his boss of 13 years had other plans.

In mid-October, Rudy Quinones, the owner of Renown Auto Restoration where Brigas has worked as an auto mechanic since 2006, asked Brigas to come into his office. Rudy had known about the Vietnam veteran’s plans to retire for a while and wanted to surprise his devoted employee.

“I asked Albert to come into my office and usually when an employee has to come to his boss’s office, there’s always some apprehension for him to come in,” said Quinones.

Instead of the bad news one might expect from a visit with the boss, the auto mechanic got a check for about $5,000.

“I got him the final numbers for the house. We went to the bank and paid it off,” said Brigas.

The veteran said he was touched by his boss’s kindness and now he plans on spending his retirement with his family, especially his grandchildren.

“To give them something they’ve been yearning for their whole lives. it’s incredible,” Rudy said.

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