Kali probably won’t be able to forget this terrifying but emotional experience when she was five months pregnant.
Kali was involved in a car accident that turned her car into a pile of scrap metal. Fortunately, she was still able to emerge from the debris.

The car in crash accident, Jul. 2, 2021 (East Idaho News/Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

However, Kali was trapped in the car with both arms and legs broken. Stressed out, all she could do at that moment was ask for passersby’s help.

In response to her desperate plea for help, people just drove around her car, staring at the incident in astonishment. No one stopped to offer her any assistance.

Kali’s hope of being saved gradually faded away as people kept driving by, leaving Kali to endure the pain both physically and mentally.

Eventually, a man decided to stop and he immediately called 911 for her.

Following this man, another appeared shortly after, wishing he could help the young mother. Distraught and terrified, Kali didn’t make any requests; she simply asked him to stand by her side, to comfort her until the ambulance arrived.

The ambulance showed up shortly after that, allowing Kali to breathe a sigh of relief.

Brewster- the man who saved Kali, Jul. 2, 2021 (East Idaho News/Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

If it had not been for the assistance of these two strangers; Kali’s situation could have been far worse. Therefore, she wanted to express her heartfelt gratitude to them, but she has never had the opportunity to get their contact information.

The expectant mother thought she needed to find a way to thank them, so she decided to email a local newspaper. Luckily, the newspaper told Kali that they had a segment where they spread feel-good stories, the perfect way to find the two strangers.

After learning about Kali’s story, in July, the East Idaho News was even more excited to find out who the two men were. Eventually, the news team found Brewster, an employee who worked at the Classic Auto Collision Center, a local facility near the crash site.

Perhaps Brewster has never thought of his actions as heroic, nor looked for any recognition or praise.

When asked why he chose to stop when others did not, he responded succinctly but profoundly.

“Someone gets hurt; you have to stop.”

Brewster and the other man demonstrated that there is always care and kindness. Even when it appears that no one’s there willing to help, there are still people who have a desire to serve and take care of those who need it the most.

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