Let’s face it: It’s not cheap to raise a child. It’s not just food and diapers that new parents need to buy. There are many other things they need to buy as well, like a crib and clothes. When you think about it, it makes sense that many parents try to make a little extra money before they have a child.

Courtney English was seven months pregnant with her first child, working at Lamp Post Diner as a waitress, a friendly restaurant in New Jersey. Even though it would be hard to stay on her feet all day, Courtney wanted to save money before her daughter was born.

It was Friday when Courtney went to work. She did not know that it would be a shift that she would never forget.

Many people came to see the mom-to-be since Courtney worked and served them for years. During the lunch shift, she also helped a new customer: a police officer from Voorhees County.

The cop was nice to them during their time together. Afterward, he ate his meal and asked for the bill. It’s just $8.75.

Courtney still had time to serve other customers while the police officer paid the bill. Soon after, she finally saw what was in there.

Courtney was shocked at what she saw. Instead of leaving an average tip, the police officer went above and beyond and left a big one. When he paid the $8.75 bill, he gave the pregnant waitress a hefty $100.

There was even a short message for the mom-to-be one: “Enjoy your first—you will never forget it.”

Although the officer did not know Courtney, he still wanted to aid a hard-working new mom by doing something kind.

Courtney’s father, Brian Cadigan, was also amazed at the officer’s kindness. On Facebook, he decided to share the heartwarming story with a picture of the bill and his words, “they are human, and do many good things every day that most people will never know about.”

A lot of people have been happy with it so far.

Courtney’s father even comes with a conclusion:

“They are people, they have feelings, and they have jobs to do, sometimes they may not like what they have to do, but they do it without question. Most of the good stuff they do you will never hear about, they don’t do it for glory or recognition, they do it because they are good people.”

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