The story of a Florida woman inadvertently getting a little too emotional with a stranger has the internet in stitches.

Mary Katherine Backstrom is a parenting author and blogger whose forthcoming book “Mom Babble” is described as “the messy truth about motherhood,” and apparently has a knack for stories, like the way she describes what happened while laughing to the point of tears is as amusing as the incident itself.

After the embarrassing moment, Backstrom jumped into her car to tell the story in a live Facebook video. It looks pretty warm and sunny in Florida, judging from the background of her video, but Backstrom said she still felt Christmas magic in the air as she stopped at a convenience store at a gas station.

She decided to pay it forward and buy a soft drink for the person behind her, and what did she see when she came back to her car, a kind stranger washing her windshield? She was so emotionally overwhelmed that she kissed the stranger and started to gush about how much she loves Christmas.

“And I told him I love Christmas and humanity. I gave him a hug,” she said. “I’m out here huggin’ strangers at the gas station because the magic of Christmas is so powerful.”

The interesting thing is it wasn’t her car, and she had just hugged a man in the middle of washing his own windshield.

The guy who washed his windshield didn’t know what to think of Backstrom’s effusive gesture and she just walked away when she realized her mistake.

Happy holidays, and don’t let this awkward tale stop you from spreading some cheer if the mood strikes you (but please make sure the other person knows what’s going on and is ready for a hug first!).

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