‘Nothing compares to being loved by God’: Justin Bieber shares uplifting guided prayer with fans

Robert Wilson | TheBL 12/09/19, 22:30
Christian Justin Bieber took to Instagram Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019, to encourage his followers to take part in a “guided prayer.” (Courtesy of Instagram)

Kanye West has been leading culture toward Jesus for several months now through his Sunday Services. Justin Bieber is another megastar who has been using his huge platform to point people toward God, and he followed this magnificent trend by posting another guided prayer for his millions of followers.

The “10,000 Hours” singer shared the minutes-long prayer time led by his friend and personal pastor, Judah Smith, with his 122 million Instagram followers.

“Good morning, here is a guided prayer to start your day!” Bieber wrote on Saturday, Dec. 7. “Find a comfy position and enjoy!”

The pop star shared the reason behind why he is posting these guided prayers.

“They have really been helping me and thought I would share,” Justin wrote in the caption of one video.

Moreover, Justin urges his followers to spend a little bit of their time with God.

“Hey gonna try and post one of these every day GET COMFY CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SPEND THESE 5 minutes with the One who LOVES AND CREATED YOU,” he wrote.

Smith and his wife, Chelsea, relaunched their app—allowing people around the world to join their church —with a daily guided prayer led by one of them. Bieber, who attends Churchome, teased the prayer before it became live on the app.

Smith opens by reading a Bible verse, in the first post, Romans 8:28, then a prayer thanking God for his love, before making declarations like: “Nothing will ever separate me from God’s love.”

The 25-year-old’s wife, Hailey Baldwin, has also been open about her faith. She recently shared a Scripture verse on her Instagram story.

The supermodel was reading Alabaster Co’s “Psalms” book, focusing on Psalm 70, which states, in part: “Please, God, rescue me!… May those who try to kill me be humiliated and put to shame.”

Earlier this year, the 41-year-old preacher praised Bieber for his Christian faith.

“Justin Bieber has taught me far more than I could ever teach him about what it means to grow and walk in humility and be someone who really wants to follow Jesus,” Smith had said.

It is clear that Justin is using his platform to share Jesus with everyone and encourage them to pray. Let’s pray for more Christian artists to do the same and use the influence they have to bring people closer to God.

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