A medical student from Scotland takes older adults on bike rides to assist them in overcoming loneliness while also providing them with fresh air and excellent company.

“A lot of people who are stuck in care homes or stuck in their own homes, the only time they ever get taken out is with their family or through activities at the home,” said 20 years-old Fraser Johnston.

Johnston visits his local seniors’ home a few times a week and picks up some of the seniors for rickshaw tours.

He developed his bike service to get older folks out of the house while providing companionship, discussion, and fresh air.

“I think projects like this can make society better,” Johnston said.

He has taken more than 60 residents from a Scottish care center on his journeys though he is just doing around 4-5 rides per week right now, which may appear to be a small number of rides.

“When I first started going out, I thought it was marvelous,” said a regular rider named Mary.

“Such a change to get out of the 4 walls. I really enjoy it. The fresh air and the wind in your hair”, Mary went on to say according to SBLY Spotlight.

When Mary’s friend Chris accompanied them on the bike one afternoon, Mary was even more ecstatic. As Johnston rode through the neighborhood’s paths, their faces brightened up.

The project has already had a significant impact, according to the relatives of care facility members.

“It gives my dad freedom—I can take him out, but it’s always with family.” Linda Muirhead stated, according to the BBC. “It’s a sense of independence, because it’s out and it’s freedom and it’s fresh air.”

“And it’s on a bike—at 93, he’s on a bike,” she went on to say.

Johnston is a part of Cycling Without Age, a Copenhagen-based organization founded in 2012.

The initiative’s goal is to encourage seniors to get back on their bikes by providing free trishaw bike rides to care home residents in the area.

Cycling Without Age has already reached every area of Denmark and an additional 50 nations worldwide, since 2015, according to the organization’s website.

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