A pair of Baton Rouge twins has secured over 200 scholarship opportunities from educational institutions worldwide, with a worth totaling more than $24 million.

Denisha and Destiny Caldwell, both 18, students at Scotlandville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have already agreed to join UCLA, but it’s not because they don’t have other alternatives.

“We started off competing against each other, and now we compete with each other,” Destiny said to WBZR.

“In the end we said, ‘Let’s just work together and end at the top,” Denisha Caldwell told Good Morning America. “It’s an unbreakable bond. Once you see me you know you’re going to see Destiny.”

“There’s no separation between us,” Destiny claimed. “We are two hearts apart.”

“From searching on the internet, we definitely have over 200 offers right now. We are definitely setting a world record right now,” Denisha said.

Destiny has a 4.0 GPA and is the top student of her high school. Denisha has a 3.95 GPA and is a salutatorian.

The girls are talented dancers, interns at the Artz Performance Academy, and students at Stanford University’s emergency medicine program. They also do volunteer work with the Butterfly Society, an agency that helps victims of family violence.

Denisha likes blogging, robotics, and puzzle solving in her spare time. Meanwhile, math, volunteer work, and dancing are some of Destiny’s favorite things to do.

Because of the CCP Virus (coronavirus) pandemic last year, the twins were made to switch their lessons to online courses, but they did not let that discourage them.

Destiny and Denisha now believe that their inspiring experience will encourage everyone to be the best as they can be today.

“Strive to be the best that you can be, the best version of yourself. Do not let the negativity get to you,” shared Denisha.

Their parents, according to the twins, are their greatest advocates.

“The sky’s the limit,” Destiny advises aspiring teenagers. “Achieve everything you want to accomplish and accomplish everything you want to achieve.” 

Denisha advised, “don’t allow negativity to break you down.” 

“Use it as motivation,” she added. “Use everything as a positive.”

The sisters are competing for mathematics and science majors. Both mentioned that they want to work in medicine in the future.

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