Two of Norman Arkansas’s, best high school friends, reminds us how special friendship bonds are and how they can really save our lives. Through Wilson’s thoughtful act, Tanner Wilson and Brandon Qualls are gaining national attention for warming hearts across social media.

To get around Cado Hills High School, Brandon uses a hand push wheelchair template. Unfortunately, Brandon said that to keep up with other students he sometimes becomes tired and it’s painful for him. So, Tanner decided to step in as a way to help him enjoy his high school days.

Tanner worked part-time at a local car mechanics shop to save enough money for two years. Why? He wanted to buy a new electric wheelchair for Brandon to make it easier for him to get around the halls. So it was. Just last month, Tanner put together his savings and purchased for his best friend a motorized wheelchair and presented it to him before his classmates.

According to Brandon, he had no idea Tanner was saving up but immediately started to cry as soon as he saw it since it was his dream to own an electric wheelchair for years.

The senior said Brandon has always been a good friend, and after all the years he decided to do him a favor. Teachers even stepped in to help Tanner paint flames on the wheelchair’s side and wrote his last name emblazoned on the back to make it special for the teen.

Unfortunately, Brandon’s family does not have a vehicle equipped to deal with the motorized wheelchair, so it will have to stay at the school for now. But still, it’s good to see that he can now drive alongside his friends through the hallways.

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