When a roadside situation occurred, a Florida high school senior with quick thinking and acts faster than anyone else. Olivia Jones, the teen in question, caused a car accident on purpose.

The teen, who attends Clearwater High School, pulled up to a red light on Sunset Point Road two days before Christmas, at the same time she noticed the driver in front of her was dealing with a medical crisis.

“I thought she was texting because she was looking straight down. And then she started seizing,” Jones recalled.

The woman was foaming and shaking uncontrollably, and shortly after that the woman’s car began sliding into oncoming traffic.

Olivia immediately jumped out of her car, knowing she had to act fast, to warn other drivers about the situation. But no one seemed to want to help.

Olivia swerved her car in front of the woman’s without hesitation, allowing it to collide with hers.

“I opened my door and told people behind me that she was having a seizure, but nobody seemed to care or want to help so I pulled in front of her and let her hit the back of my car,” she told WTSP. “She was kind of like seizing out of the car. I took her seat belt off. She had blood and had peed herself. I was on the phone with 9-1-1.”

When asked if she was scared, Olivia replied to 10 Tampa Bay: “Oh, yeah. My legs were shaking. I didn’t know… I just… I don’t know. I was really nervous.”

Her quick actions were aided by the arrival of the fire crew within two minutes. The dent in her back bumper bar is now affectionately referred to as her “memory bump.”

Clearwater’s assistant principal also praised the teenagers brave actions.
“She just jumped right in. It was amazing. It was amazing. We’re so proud of her,” said Clearwater assistant principal Leslie Hopkins. “I was just really blown away when I was told the story.”

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