A local military wife finds a creative way to include her husband in their Christmas photo, since it’s the first holiday he will spend without his family.

Danielle Cobo will spend Christmas away from her husband who was deployed in 2019 and is serving overseas as a Black Hawk helicopter pilot.

“This years deployment has been the toughest,” said Cobo. “By the time he returns, my husband will have missed 1/2 of our twins lives. With that said I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Cobo who loves Christmas did not want her husband to miss the holiday photo for their Christmas card.

“I asked him to take a picture with his hand out in his uniform?’ He really had no idea what I was up,” said Cobo.

Her Christmas cards feature a photo with her and her twin boys. The other half of the photo captures her husband in uniform as he serves our country.

With a little bit of creative photography and photoshop, the family is able to be together for the holidays.

Danielle Cobo, a mom of two from Tampa, Fla., shared a photo of her son and military husband after having him digitally placed in her Christmas card photo. (Danielle Cobo)

“I wanted to find a way for us to capture a photo of us together even though we can’t technically be together,” she added.

Cobo expects others to be mindful that soldiers make sacrifices and so do their families.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way. This year, we ask Santa to bring daddy home safe,” Cobo said.

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