Many people love children too much and wish to have many children, as does Marc and Beth’s family.

Marc Hadden is a firefighter in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. His wife Beth is a teacher. Although they have two sons, they still want more children. But the doctor said the possibility of having more children was difficult because of Beth’s pregnancy problems.

“Basically, my wife was told to wrap it up, that any further pregnancy could cause more complications for her and for the potential baby,” explains Marc.

Marc and Beth considered adoption but immediately realized that their teacher and firefighter salaries made it difficult.

There are things in life that we can’t decide or choose for ourselves but can only live according to nature—Marc and Beth live life every day with their two adorable sons believing in God and destiny.

One day, Marc received a call at work to help a woman with a stomachache. When he arrived at the scene, it was clear that she was pregnant and in the process of giving birth. Unfortunately, there was no time to spare, and Marc had to deliver the first birth because the mother could not get to the hospital in time.

New-born Gracie who was put up for immediate adoption on June 3, 2021. (AIR.TV/Screenshot via TheBL/Video)

When Marc and his partner took the woman and infant to the hospital, according to a nurse, Marc happened to learn that the girl’s mother wanted to find someone to adopt her daughter immediately. Marc responded by joking, “Throw my name in the hat if this child is put up for adoption.”

But actually, that was the time when Marc’s family had a big change. First, Marc and his wife talked to the mother about volunteering and why they wanted to adopt a child. He then went to the nursery to take pictures of his newborn daughter.

Gracie with Marc—her new dad on June 3, 2021. (Air.TV/Screenshot via TheBL/video)

Marc sent the photos to his wife and joked that he wanted to keep her. And as expected, a few days later, Marc and Beth were able to bring their newly adopted daughter home. They named her Graci.

The adoption was so sudden that the Hadden family was utterly unprepared for a newborn. Fortunately, they received timely help from those around them, even more than they expected.

Marc’s family is delighted to welcome the little angel Graci, as a gift from God, after many days of wishing.

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