One of the biggest decisions a person has to make in his or her lifetime is getting married. It is crucial that you are 100 percent sure that you are ready before you enter married life. Simply because many people these days get married and divorced in the end staying happy together becomes a real challenge.

Well, not for Maryanne and Tommy Pilling, this extraordinary couple.

Maryanne and Tommy have recently celebrated their 24th birthday. That’s right! the two have been together for more than two decades. This only shows that their love is definitely stronger than any challenge they face.

Maryanne and Tommy had met in 1991. Tommy knew instantly that for him Maryanne was the one. He didn’t know that Maryanne had always been interested in being a bride. And Tommy fulfilled the dream of Maryanne!

Yet he didn’t have the money to give her a real ring when he was ready to ask Maryanne to be his wife. So instead he decided to buy a plastic ring from a vending machine for his future wife.

So, Linda, Maryanne’s decided to help him. They bought her the perfect ring! When Tommy proposed, Maryanne couldn’t help herself but jumped all around the place for joy.

Those who meet Maryanne and Tommy are witnesses to the building of their relationship on true love and undying respect. We would see them holding hands at all times. They really are each other’s soulmates.

Maryanne and Tommy became genuine proof of what real love is all about!

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