This is the new item of fashionable gear for your four-legged pets, and it is adorable! How to put some snap in your dog’s life.

Crocs have been around for a decade now, they began swarming into Asia, doubted by fashion icons in the Western hemisphere at first especially due to their iconic designs, but some just could not resist their comfortability and convenience attributable to the silicone material.

But the conversation between Crocs fans could take another twist as the company introduced the pet versions, and they come out in different colors! Never mind that dogs are practically color blind.

Some dog owners may worry if it was necessary to have the furry friend sport additional footwear, as it would be of no surprise they usually hate having strange things dangle on their bodies. Yet, Crocs for pets have much more than mere decoration. 

For one, much like the way why some humans refer to Crocs, they are breathable! For the other, they are nothing more than miniature versions of actual Crocs, this makes them even more adorable! There is more, the pairs come in bright colors, from pink, blue, green, to even yellow, just to please their human friends.

Sure the items would deliver the promise of protecting your pet’s paws from blisters, stepping on sharp substances when you walk them on the street and keep their paws warm during winter.

But honestly, pet lovers know the most likely scenario is they would just hate whatever bizarre thing you put on them and expect that it would be all of one second before they immediately discard them.

Yet, is that really enough to dismiss the adorable pair of Crocs? Why not take the cuteness to the next level with these shoes, sure some would crack up as our furry fellows get to wear them.

Currently, the dog Crocs shoes come out in size referable for small dogs, with the measurements of 2.76 inches x 1.15 inches x 1.15 inches. Hopefully, they will have bigger sizes available for larger cats and dogs in the future. 

If you are a Crocs aficionado and at present have one or two pets of your own, these shoes are just irresistible.

The shoes are a great hit on social media too!


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