A Canadian man has lived off the grid in the middle of Widgeon Slough, British Columbia, on his own “Nowhere Island,” built out of recycled material or discarded items for the past 17 years.

“I just got tired of the city. I got tired of where mankind’s going and I always had the idea I could do it better.” said Shadow, who felt compelled to flee his former life in the city and lead the charge to conserve the Widgeon Slough area.

As part of the ecosystem, Shadow created this unique floating island. Some of the materials were found floating in the water as trash.

Unused supplies such as boards, nails, and screws are also left by some of Shadow’s buddies from their worksites.

Shadow has managed to keep his ‘island’ safe from poachers, local governments, and those who wish to dump trash and harmful substances during his time there.

In his two-story home, there is a kitchen, pantry, workshop, entertainment room, bedroom, and a library which is also called a bio lab, where he spends a lot of time on research. Shadow uses this chamber to determine what kinds of poisons and chemicals are hurting the wetlands and environment.

He not only picks up rubbish and upcycles it for his home, but he also ensures that everything that enters and leaves his island is environmentally friendly.

He keeps food and other garbage in a particular composting shed to transform into compost. This is the type of fertilizer he employs in his garden.

He looks after his compost pile, his floating garden, and his chicken coop, as well as filtering greywater with a natural filtration system made of maize and coconut husk sheets.

Nowhere Island was designed to be a self-sufficient facility for his lifestyle, which explains the profusion of gardens for Shadow’s food.

The sun entirely powered Shadow’s island. Because of the risks of high gusts when living off the grid, he chose not to continue using wind generators because of the occasional high winds that destroy them. Instead, everything is powered with solar panels, according to My Positive Outlooks.

There are no wires or wirings on Nowhere Island, but all of the structures have specially rewired solar panels that produce electricity even in very low light or when storms darken the days.

The majority of his time is spent maintaining the floating residence.

The library is one of Shadow’s most distinctive features. It also serves as a bio lab, where he spends a lot of time doing research, such as analyzing which poisons and chemicals are causing harm to the wetlands and ecology.

He has yet to create a long-term filtering system for drinking water, but it’s on the drawing board as a goal. Meanwhile, Shadow hikes up the mountain to collect water from a freshwater spring or a neighbor who uses the same spring.

His friends and neighbors stop by for a quick laugh and a tale or two from time to time. Shadow, on however, enjoys being alone with nature. “It’s one of the faults, but at the same time, one of the strengths,” he said.

Shadow and his Nowhere Island will stay despite dangers from poachers, the local government, film workers, and private organizations who want to establish within the area or designate it as a park according to the Home Hacks.

Shadow believes that his job is not done until the ecology is safe, thus he is committed to protecting the area.

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