Dogs are members of our families. They share our homes and lives, providing love and laughter, comedy, and comfort. The connection between the two goes back thousands of years. Dogs, in general, are truly amazing creatures.

Willow is a brilliant illustration of why dogs are the most wonderful creatures on the planet.

“She is a cuddler and loves to give hugs,” Caitlyn Radel-Paaby, Willow’s owner, told The Dodo.

Willow the dog on August 8, 2020 (Source: willowthegreat20 Instagram/ Screenshot via TheBL)

The night before Thanksgiving, Radel-Paaby arrived home from the grocery store to find her boyfriend downstairs with her young son, but Willow was nowhere to be seen. Caitlyn quickly noticed that something was wrong when the sweet little pooch did not rush to greet her when she returned home.

Radel-Paaby then searched the house for the dog, eventually discovering it under a desk in their home office.

“[She] went under the desk and started acting really nervous and barking and wouldn’t come out,” Caitlyn recalled. “She even got a little defensive to get our attention and that’s when we noticed the outlet.”

At first, Caitlyn couldn’t figure out why her puppy was acting so strangely, but when she touched the wall near the outlet, she realized how hot it was. Willow had somehow detected an electrical fire under the desk before the blaze had really started.

The family called the fire department, and they arrived immediately to put out the flames. “The fire department said if we hadn’t found it when we did our house would have gone up in flames overnight,” Radel-Paaby said.

Radel-Paaby was so thankful that her big girl had saved their lives and gotten beyond her “puppy fear stage.”

Radel-Paaby added, “She had never done anything like this and we were shocked. She is always making sure her human brother is safe and she clings to me like crazy and usually will alert if something is off, but never anything serious until the outlet.”

Willow, the family’s hero dog, will be remembered for the rest of their lives because she genuinely saved them that day.

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