A Texas boy who’s been in the foster care system for many years made quite an impression with a local television station on Wednesday, Dec. 11, when he shared he still has faith that God will provide a family for him.

Jonah, 12, was featured on WFAA’s long-running segment called “Wednesday’s Child.” Jonah is an honor-roll student and said he received an award last year for being a multitasker.

The student spoke passionately during the interview about how God has carried him through the numerous hardships and helps him keep a smile on his face despite the challenges he’s faced during his young life.

“He’s brought me through many, many things,” Jonah said of the Lord. “As far as abuse, before I came to CPS, he brought me through a lot…just, a lot, overall.”

Jonah credits the Lord for blessing him despite what he’s been through.

“Waking me up this morning, you know what I mean? Starting me on my way, I’m in my right mind, I know what I’m doing, I know who I am, and I’m proud of the person that I am,” he said.

Having been in the foster care system for 4 years now, Jonah is trusting in the Lord to provide a family that will adopt him.

“Reason why I want to be adopted,” Jonah said, “is because I know there’s a family out there that fits me in the best possible way that they can.”

When asked about why he wore a suit to the interview, Jonah explained, “Well, I felt I needed to be proper in the most way that I could.”

WFAA’s Wednesday’s Child segment gives viewers a look at the lives of children presently in the care of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Families that want to adopt children are encouraged to be willing to learn about the dynamics of abuse and neglect.


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