Hillary Harris was given up for adoption as a newborn. Now 31, the Wisconsin woman had little knowledge of her biological parents. She was adopted by a lovely family and never gave “where she came from” any attention.

She didn’t start to worry until she gave birth to her daughter in 2011. She had little idea of her family’s medical history, which was crucial now that she had a daughter.

Hillary decided to track down her birth mother and called the adoption agency that handled her case. She obtained her mother’s contact information and scheduled a meeting with her. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as she had hoped.

She expected an instant link and connection between her and her mother, but they didn’t. However, the meeting wasn’t entirely a failure. Her mother had an affair with a man named Wayne Clouse, and she and her brother, Tyler, were born as a result. So Clouse was her biological father’s name.

Tragically, Hillary would never meet her biological father, as he passed away in 2002. However, she located her father’s obituary, which provided further information about her family tree, including that Clouse had two daughters. One of her newfound sisters was named Renee Diericks, who was barely mentioned in the obituary.

Dawn Johnson was his other daughter’s name. She was from Greenwood, Wisconsin, and she was the Loyal Corn Festival’s reigning queen in 1983. Hillary attempted to locate her sister on Facebook using this information but was unsuccessful. She was losing faith in the possibility of finding her sister.

“I’d found three other half-siblings on Facebook, but I was having no luck with Dawn,” Harris told People. “I was beginning to think that I’d never find her,” Hillary said.

For a long time, Hillary pushed the notion of locating her sister to the back of her mind. Then, in June 2017, she learned that the house next door had been sold. Before settling on the two-bedroom property in Eau Claire that shares a driveway with Hillary, the new neighbors looked at nearly 20 other residences.

Her new neighbor, Kurt Casperson, was 53 years old and lived with his girlfriend Dawn. She joked with her husband that the pair was her sister when she learned they were from Greenwood.

Hillary and her husband had no idea that the newcomer next door was her sister. She had been looking for her for a long time but had come up empty-handed. She couldn’t possibly have moved into the house next door by chance.

Hillary discovered a parcel had been delivered to her new neighbors’ house shortly after they had moved in. Looking out the window, Hillary noticed a crimson covering with an address on it.

She imagined it included her neighbors’ names and addresses. So she went to see whose name was on the box. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she noticed it was addressed to Dawn Johnson.

Hillary dashed into her house and dialed her husband’s number right away. She couldn’t wait to tell him their new neighbor’s name. However, her spouse advised her to chat to her next-door neighbor first before getting her hopes up.

Hillary was eager yet apprehensive. What if it wasn’t her sister, and she walked over and made a fool of herself? What if Dawn was a sister that she had shunned? She felt jittery and concerned.

Hillary sat at home, pondering if she should go next door or not. She finally decided to send a text message to her next-door neighbor. “Were you the Loyal Corn Fest Queen in 1983?” she texted, using information from her father’s obituary.

She was confident that her neighbor’s response to this query would provide her with the answers she needed once and for all.

“Lol, why are you asking that?” said Hillary’s next-door neighbor. Hillary decided to get right to the subject and inquired about her biological father. Hillary finally figured out who it was when her neighbor said it was Wayne Clouse. Dawn Johnson, who had recently moved in next door, was her long-lost sister.

Hillary contacted her sister as soon as she got the text. She informed her who she was, and the two spoke and cried for hours on the phone.

Dawn never inquired about her father’s other biological children. Thus she was unaware that she had a sibling. They’re inseparable now, and they still can’t believe fate put them in the same neighborhood.

After searching for her sister for years, a delivery packet to a neighbor revealed a bizarre coincidence. Their tale is incredible.

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