On Thursday, March 13, 2020, Gov. Mike Parson announced that Missouri’s pandemic state of emergency order was to expire in December 2021. The proclamation was initially issued and has been renewed five times.

The decision to let the state of emergency lapse was met with disappointment by a medical association representing most hospitals in St. Louis, who said it removes the flexibility that has helped hospitals deal with the deluge of coronavirus COVID-19 cases.

Governor Mike Parson said, “We all now know how to best fight and prevent serious illness from this virus.” He added, “The State stands ready to provide assistance and response, but there is no longer a need for a state of emergency.”

According to the governor’s office, nearly “600 statutory and regulatory waivers” were approved across Missouri state government.” This amount has been decreased, and any remaining waivers will expire on Friday.

As the state continues to “move forward,” Parson believes that immunization is the greatest way to stay “industrious.”

Over 565,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were administered to residents in December, with 42% of those being “part of a primary vaccine series.”

According to confirmed and probable test results posted Friday on the state’s COVID-19 dashboard, Missouri averages more than 4,000 new cases each day. Hospitalizations in the state are also on the rise, with a total of 2,299, the highest number since August.

The statement said, “For health care systems in Missouri, the emergency order that enabled us to expand our ability to care for more sick patients will be lost.” It urged Missouri lawmakers to reinstate “many of the provisions that are essential to providing health care services during this pandemic.”

Parson’s spokesperson did not immediately respond to a message seeking a comment sent on Friday, Dec.31.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, who disclosed his diagnosis on Twitter on Friday, was one of those who tested positive. The Democrat stated that he had been wholly vaccinated and given a booster shot and that he was showing no signs of illness.

According to the press release, more than 62 percent of Missouri residents had begun vaccines.

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