An Australian fruiterer explained a Tiktok hack: why storing fresh produce in an egg carton can help it last for weeks.

Thanh Truong, a fruit merchant, and producer in Melbourne, has uncovered the secret to keeping peaches and nectarines fresher for longer by storing them in egg cartons in the fridge.

Stone fruit will not ripen if stored at temperatures below 18 degrees in an egg carton or covering it with paper towels. It will keep the fruit from rotting by moisture.

Thanh noted that moisture from the refrigerator and any bacteria that may be present attach to cardboard or paper towels.

He admitted that he has never tried the method. However, experts use this scientific principle when shipping fruit internationally.

“At home if I don’t plan to eat fruit in the next day or two, I put it in a plastic container or plastic bag with a piece of paper towel,” Thanh said according to Daily Mail.

“It won’t work for all fruit but definitely for things like plums and apricots.” he added.

In recent days, Australian fruit lovers have posted about the TikTok hack all over social media.

“If this works it changes everything because I will be able to buy more when it is a good price,” one woman said.

“I never buy fruit because I don’t eat it fast enough but this changes everything,” another person claimed.

As Thanh said, TikTok’s viral ‘hacking’ is not ideal. He considers himself a “fruit purist” and would never advise storing fruit for an extended time.

“You are slowing down the aging process but the fruit is also not going to be as nice,” Thanh said. “I would suggest people buy fruit twice a week instead,”.

He uses a dryer to dry fruit before putting it in the refrigerator.

“It stays at a more stable temperature, usually between five and six degrees Celsius,” Thanh said.

Apples, pears, and grapes are always kept in the refrigerator for him. He doesn’t believe in having a bowl of every fruit as each variety has its own needs.

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