A whistleblower accused a multinational abortion provider of deceiving expecting mothers about their pregnancies.

Mayra Rodriguez exposed Planned Parenthood’s alleged predatory business practices at the annual Democrats for Life of America conference in Columbus, Ohio, on July 31.

The former abortion director, who worked 16 years for the organization, claimed she was fired for complaining to supervisors about different employers raping undocumented migrant workers and pressuring them into having an abortion at the largest clinic in Arizona. The only other option was to have the baby and be deported.

Much to Rodriguez’s surprise senior management at Planned Parenthood initially directed her to encourage these patients to do the ‘right thing’ by killing their unborn babies.

“Oh, I cannot have a child because I might get deported, and I could get separated from my other three kids,” she recalled being instructed according to The Christian Post.

These remarks disappointed the then director because she was once an illegal alien herself, and knew what it was like to feel vulnerable. She used to consider her employer to be the “greatest and most kind” for hiring her despite being an undocumented migrant.

Her usual duties included supplying women contraceptives and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Rodriguez was also required to support the multinational’s efforts to lobby governments around the world to legalize abortion.

BL understands only six countries remain in Latin America that are officially pro-life. The rest have already been infiltrated through “organizations in those countries” and financed to promote abortion.

However, Rodriguez quickly realized the dark side of pregnancy termination in her role.

“It takes about 15 to 26 minutes for an abortion,” she said according to the publication. “They suffocate them [fetuses] and they also inject a saline solution into their heart until their heart stops for 24 hours before they pull them out piece by piece.”

She called the process a “death penalty to the unborn.”

“I noticed all the atrocities, I noticed the irregularities, [and] I noticed the malpractice,” she said. “I noticed all the stuff the abortionists at Planned Parenthood hide from people.”

She tried to escalate the plight of illegal immigrant women, who foremen had allegedly raped and threatened to deport out of the United States unless they had an abortion.

However, her protest failed to bring any significant organizational change. In fact, it only encouraged her superiors to allegedly frame her for using narcotics at work. Rodriguez eventually won a 2019 lawsuit against her former employer for wrongful termination.

She has since joined the pro-life group, Then There Were None, and encourages others who work for abortion clinics to leave their jobs.

“We need to stop the business of other abortionists attacking our women and going after our immigrant communities and minority communities,” she said.

When asked about teachers encouraging pregnant girls to have abortions, she said during her training at Planned Parenthood she was taught how to create doubt.

This involved portraying a bad future and blaming it on the unborn child. “Your mom is going to kick you [out]” and “school is going to kick you [out]” are two common examples.

If this strategy did not work, they tried to guilt the girls into thinking the child deserves a better future. This is why they should have an abortion–out of love for their child, she recalled.

Rodriguez would like more girls and adolescents to realize having a child is actually a “blessing.”

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