Over the weekend, Adam Sandler, known for participating in random pickup basketball games, showed off his street-ball skills in Long Island. Many fans praised his ability to play in the baggy attire after seeing videos of the fully-bearded “Uncut Gems” star hooping outdoors.

Sandler can be seen setting a solid screen before getting the ball back at the top of the key in a fan-filmed clip from the game. He read the defense and passed to a teammate on the wing for a wide-open 3-pointer, but he missed the shot. After the ball bounced away, online critics pleaded with Sandler to find better outside shooters.

Sandler was seen wearing a pink polo shirt, baggy shorts, and chunky sneakers on the court. The actor participated openly in the games, even though his outfit made no mention of it.

The video was a hit on the social network, with people reacting to everything from Sandler’s outfit to the game itself. Here are some of the reactions to Sandler’s Sunday afternoon performance.

“Adam Sandler is never completely dressed for the activity he’s doing,” one Twitter user wrote in a tweet.

Baron Davis, a former NBA player, said: “Adam Sandler is a baller. You want to be on his team in pickup. He throws dimes!!!”

“One chance to score off an Adam Sandler pass in your life and it hits nothing but backboard, devastating,” Kyle Neubeck, sports reporter for PhillyVoice, tweeted.

Said another: “I love the way his [Sandler’s] shoulders drop after that dude clangs one off the backboard.”

Podcast host Bailey Carlin tweeted: “Adam Sandler looks like when you forgot your gym clothes in middle school but didn’t want to miss out on basketball day.”

This is not the first time Sandler has participated in a local pickup game. Several sources say that the “Uncut Gems” star enjoys basketball and often visits local courts to play with strangers. Another of his pickup games went viral in December 2019.

Many fans appreciate Sandler’s willingness to play basketball with regular people.

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