A Brazilian celebrity is dead after her plane crashed on the way to a concert on Nov. 5.

Singer Marília Mendonça’s private jet crashed between her hometown and a city north of Rio de Janeiro.

Local authorities did not know exactly how the accident happened at the time of publication. Investigators are examining the Minas Gerais Electric Company’s (CEMIG) theory that the plane collided with power cables before descending.

Images and videos obtained by CNN show the aircraft landed underneath a waterfall.

The crash killed four others in addition to Mendonça. Victims include her uncle, producer and two crew members according to the British Broadcasting Corporation. The 2019 Latin Grammy winner is survived by her son who is just a month away from celebrating his second birthday.

Mendonça was one of Brazil’s most popular entertainers in the music industry during 2016. She is well known for her female empowerment messages.

“I refuse to believe, I just refuse,” Brazil soccer star Neymar da Silva Santos, Jr. said of the singer’s death on Twitter.

Santos, Jr. shared a social media post of himself wearing a t-shirt with the following message, “I will be your eternal fan, queen of suffering, rest in peace.”

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