DC Comics is changing Superman’s motto after spending more than 80 years championing “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” Moving forward the ‘Man of Steel’ will only act on “global storylines.”

“Superman’s new motto of ‘Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow’ will better reflect the global storylines that we are telling across DC,” chief creative officer and publisher Jim Lee said according to the Daily Mail.

DC Comics said the new tagline will be applied to “Clark Kent’s Superman, [and] will appear across all mediums including comic books, film, TV, video games, and more.”

The ‘Man of Steel’ was once characterized as a distinctly American superhero. He was personified as a boy raised by two Kansas state farmers. He wore a caped costume that winked at the national flag.

In the “Justice League” movie he said, “I am from Kansas. That is as American as it gets.” Film director Zack Snyder admits he struggled to maintain a “perfect blend of [line] Americana” in that film.

For comics screenwriter Mark Waid the “core narrative” of Superman continues to reflect the “American experience is strong enough, and good enough, to address the issues facing the generation engaged with the character.”

Although some fans approve of the new slogan that inspires the latest Superman, others do not find it as apt.

“An American icon, raised in America by American parents–created by a pair of Americans for an American comic book publisher. But the ‘American way’ is a problem,” Hanekawa Senpai said on Twitter.

Von_Dred shared this sentiment, commenting, “The U.S. way is an all encompassing term including a better tomorrow, so isolating it down to a better tomorrow is actually taking substance away from him and individualizing it to one ideology that does not even suit his overall persona.”

In what could arguably be categorized as globalist interventions, Superman first abandoned his traditional mission during 2017. He was portrayed saving a group of illegal immigrants from a white man armed with an American flag bandana who opened fire on them.

In 2018, the publisher used “World Refugee Day” to remind readers that Superman is also a “refugee.”

Author and former “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” star Dean Cain also shared concerns.

“They are jumping on the bandwagon but they are fighting the wrong issues,” he said according to Dolakha. “There is a clear agenda here. It is globalist, it is anti-America but it is not courageous and it is not brave.”

“[There are] lots of real world stuff to fight for,” he added. “Like people being kept in Chinese concentration camps because of their religion. Or human trafficking–honestly the slavery of God–is happening all over the world today.”

Cain would rather see Superman fight much braver and bolder issues.

“Drug cartels smuggle people across the border, sexually exploiting young women,” he said. “Shine a light in that darkness. I would love to see that character do that.”

DC Comics recently announced its upcoming issue “Superman: The Son of Kal-El” will portray Superman’s son as a bisexual. Jonathan Kent will fight climate change, protest refugee deportation and date a “hacktivist.”

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