An award-winning country singer dedicated two songs to motherhood, and the compositions drew fierce backlash from abortion advocates.

RaeLynn’s newly released tracks in her “Baytown” album recently stirred up controversy among pro-choice supporters.

“She chose me” tells the story of a Bible belt-loving believer who became pregnant from an pre-marital affair with a Galveston Bay man. Instead of agreeing to an abortion procedure to avoid “one big mess,” she takes responsibility for raising her baby.

“Made for Me to Love” celebrates the beauty of life. The singer describes motherhood as “written in the stars” and “tattooed on my heart.”

Since these two songs are widely regarded to promote pro-choice views they caused quite a commotion on social media. The songs attracted so many heated remarks the YouTube comments section was turned off on their music videos.

“The album has [already] got a lot of sass and bass but I promised you I will always write from the heart, and not shy away from the hard subjects,” she said on Instagram.

The Voice season 2 contestant revealed her motivation came from her welcoming her newborn daughter to the world on Sept. 8.

“This song is my heart, especially having my baby girl in my arms,” she said.

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Taste of Country revealed the lyrics came from a love letter RaeLynn wrote to her daughter when she was eight weeks pregnant back in January.

“She says she arrived at the writing session feeling ‘super emotional’ and, despite the axiom about waiting to share pregnancy news until after the first trimester, she told her co-writers that she was pregnant before sitting down to write the song,” music and culture writer Will Groff reported.

Many were deeply moved by the controversial songs, especially children of those who decided not to have an abortion.

“I finally listened to the new album today, and this song really hit me,” Mike Flinn commented on Instagram. “I was adopted and have never met my birth mother. All I know is that she was 15 when she had me [and my] birth father was 20.”

“I will never know her but I am forever grateful that she chose to give me the gift of life–truly remarkable song, thank you RaeLynn,” he added.

Stella Langton’s mother could not afford to keep her after pregnancy, and gave her up for adoption instead of having an abortion procedure.

“I am so thankful she chose life,” she commented. “Now I am a happy young woman with a fiancé and 2.5 weeks away from meeting my firstborn son.”

“My daughter was 16 when she got pregnant, my granddaughter just turned 17, and I am happy my daughter chose [to keep] her,” Janie Ramirez added.

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