Following the Astroworld strategy, Travis Scott has received frustrated reactions from music lovers on continuing his performance regardless of the crowd surge tragedy, which left 8 dead and over 300 injured.

Particularly, audiences take other singers’ reactions facing similar incidents as examples to complain about Scott’s attitude, the New York Post reports.

On Friday night, Nov.5, Houston witnessed eight people die and many more injured at Scott’s Astroworld Festival. The heartbreaking accident happened shortly after the rapper started his performance, leaving fans squashed to death amid a stampede.

According to the New York Post, many among the audience screamed in despair for help; however, Scott kept singing for at least 30 more minutes without noticing the audiences’ outcry.

In response to the public’s accusation, Scott’s girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, insisted on her boyfriend’s innocence, claiming he was unaware of that ongoing surge.

In contrast, the audience expressed their outrage at Scott’s heartless behavior; as they took other artists’ old clips as proof to show Scott that he could have been aware of what was going on.

Houston high school student pleads a cameraman to stop Travis Scott’s performance on Nov. 5, 2021 (KHOU 11/Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

Kurt Cobain appeared as their first example when he decided to pause his performance when realizing an assault in the crowd during his Nirvana concert in 1993.

The footage revealed that Cobain suddenly stopped singing, put down his guitar, and rushed towards the front stage after noticing a man grope another fan.
He and his bandmates expelled the assailant from the festival after they had publicly humiliated him.

The Tiktok user compared the behavior of the two artists, concluding his opinion in the video caption: “No excuses for Travis Scott’s behavior during that concert.”
Meanwhile, other viewers’ comments implied that Scott must have realized the abnormal signals, but decided to ignore them; a user said: “The crowd was literally dark and [Kurt] still saw them.”

Linkin Park also sets as another good example when the band stopped their performance for a while, to check their fans’ safety.

In the footage, the lead singer Chester Bennington questioned their audience “When someone falls, what do you do?”

“Pick them up!” the audience answered.

Several people later kindly showed up, assisting the fan fallen in the mosh pit, in contrast with what happened in Scott’s festival.

Fans also mentioned country music singer Tim McGraw’s behavior in his concert in 2014.

The “Keep on Truckin'” crooner stopped his California concert after hearing aggressive yelling from a group of men.

He later eased the intense fight among his audience, saying: “Don’t be an idiot. It’s country music, man, come on. We’re having fun. We all paid good money, we all work hard— just enjoy yourself.”

To make matters worse, McGraw’s attitude completely contrasted Scott’s during his Swiss concert back in 2015.

In that concert, Scott revealed his frustration when a man tried to steal his shoes. The rapper stopped the music, leaped into the crowd, and yelled at the man several times, humiliating him.

The footage emerged as solid evidence, accusing Scott’s ruthless attitude, chasing a man just for his stolen shoes in another concert, but ignoring his fans’ threatened lives at Astroworld’s crowd surge.

On Saturday, Scott came out for the first time after the deadly Houston show, saying that he was “just devasted” on an Instagram story.

The rapper said: “I stop the show and … help them get the help they need.”

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