In spring, the green grass in parks is covered with dandelions. With her thin waist, long leaves and hair flowing in the air like gossamer strands in the springtime sun, the dandelion mom clings kindly to Mother Earth and gives thanks for the food she provides. After the rain brings a nourishing shower, the mother dandelion grooms her children so that they present themselves with a pure body.

The dandelion is so old that it is perhaps one of the first lives created to accompany the birth of the human race.

In its slow growth, it brings many nutrients and also surprises people with its natural and harmonious beauty. Children, when playing in the grass between the dandelions, sometimes trample them. At that time, while enduring the pain, the dandelion always laughs and says: “It does not matter, you did not do it on purpose. This little pain is nothing. I’m happy to see you play joyfully. “

Sick women look for tender dandelions to treat their diseases. Then, mother dandelion says to her family: “My family, we have been chosen by God to be medicine, to cure the aches and pains of humans. We have to endure the pain and sadness of being ripped apart. But when we see that people can regain their health, that is our honor. We are born into this obligation and responsibility to help humans. Otherwise, we would not exist in this world.”

Dandelion spreading its seeds (Brian Jackson/ Adobe Stock)

Dandelion spreads its seeds

The goddess of myriads of flowers once heard these words from mother the dandelion. And in recognition of her goodness, she crowned her head with a noble gold-yellow flower. Then she said, “Wait until the myriad of flowers awaken; they will remember your nobility and your actions, and they will see how you fly to Heaven.” The dandelions then always smiled calmly, trying harder to be kind with more people in need, without worrying about the gain and loss during the process.

One day, a mischievous child with his two hands pulled the head of the mother dandelion together with the  flowers of glory that the goddess of flowers had bestowed on her. The small dandelions, which were always cordial, got angry and shouted: “Do not touch our mother!”

But the mother dandelion, scattered in the air, smiling calmly: “My children, do not blame the mischievous child. We should thank him. Without him, I would not be flying free as I am now. My children, you must value all the people you find and always, always help them; It is our inherent responsibility. God also chose us, it is the glory that God has bestowed on us, the divine glory! “

As she was finishing these words, the mother dandelion was on display in the thousands of noble and good seeds, flying up toward the sky and spreading her kindness to the whole world with her bounty. All lives observed this wonderful scene and also wanted to fly. Since then, the divine glory obtained by the mother dandelion remained forever in those elegant yellow flowers, which until today are responsible for spreading seeds around the world.

Source: BLes

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