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This is the story of Mika Hale, an American singer whose soaring voice has touched thousands of people’s hearts, most of all at the historic “bite” fight between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

Early life of Mika Hale

Mika Hale (far right) when she was a little girl. (Photo: Mika Hale)

The life of Mika Hale did not begin with her biological parents, but rather a kind woman who was the best mother she could have ever wished for. Ms. Prichard was a single mother of two adopted children, living in New York, New York.

To make a living, Ms. Prichard taught where she felt she was needed most—some of the worst districts in the inner city of New York city.

Ms. Prichard met little Mika at Hale House, the orphanage where she was a volunteer.

She fell for Mika at first sight—the beautiful, lively, curly-haired, strong-minded girl with big brown eyes, and brown skin, who had a profound inner world.

Mika was a changeable child, sometimes playing happily with friends, and other times she would sit silently looking up into the sky in deep contemplation.

As her love for the little girl grew, Ms. Prichard silently made a decision.

The 2-year-old Mika was living happily with Mother Hale and all the other orphans when one day mother Hale gave her a big hug, and whispered gently in her ear, “Mika, I’m going to introduce you to someone who is going to change your life.” At first, Mika didn’t understand the implications of Mother Hale’s words. Hale House had been her only home and Mother Hale her only mother to that point.

Mother Hale took Mika’s little hand and they walked down the stairs together. Giving Mika a nudge forward she introduced her to Ms. Prichard. As Mika looked up into her eyes she saw a distinct sparkle and knew she would be fine.

Because Ms. Prichard adopted two children with severely challenging backgrounds she moved to the suburbs where they could start a new life together.

Throughout the years, memories of happy days with Mother Hale at the nursery lingered. As a tribute to the first mother she ever had, the singer took the stage name Mika Hale.

Memories of past lives

Mika had a special trait that no one had discovered during her childhood—the ability to remember past lives.

She was able to see and communicate with beings from other dimensions. Alone, she would often escape into other dimensions and play with the fairies and little angels who were her closest friends.

Sometimes she would seek their help with the problems she faced in real life. One day, when she was nine, they warned her they had to leave her, as she needed to accomplish her mission in life, and not be distracted by other beings.

One of her most comforting memories was when she descended to Earth. She sat there in the center of what looked like a marble room, facing a doorway with a deep crimson rope across the entrance and outside some beings were looking in on her. It seemed that something was calling her. She stood up and looked down, gazing upon an illuminated sunset that seemed to rise from her body. The crowd in front of her voiced with great concern. “You‘re leaving?” she only uttered one word in response, “De!” pronounced as duh.

As she moved forward, the room shifted and a new door opened to let her pass through. A voice said, “It is going to be hard!” Mika said with great faith, “I don’t care father, as long as I can come home and be with you!” Before the last words were spoken, they were enveloped in clouds.

They descended level by level, passed stars and galaxies, each step her father’s voice repeated, “You don’t have to do this,” but faith in his plan and need strengthened her will to come and do whatever her Creator had intended. This memory often shone a light into some of her darkest times. Knowing the divine Creator had a plan for her and her will to live that plan no matter how hard it may be fueled the flame of faith that had only grown stronger over the years.

Each lifetime provided valuable lessons that guided her.

Mika remembered that she was once a great Chinese emperor. In another life, she was a well-known European composer and then in Tibet, a Buddhist monk.

From lifetime to lifetime, truthfulness, compassion, kindness, faith in the divine, loyalty, empathy, endurance, selflessness and more were sown like seeds deep into her heart.

She came to realize that no matter what the value material things seem to have the allure of fame, gain, fortune, food, and all that has been labeled the finest things in life are just specks of dust upon the winds, left behind as one leaves that life. Nothing can be attained and taken to the next life, except preserved memories, that without divine grace would have also been erased.

For some time Mika shrugged off her past life memories as recurring dreams that followed her throughout the years. But they just seemed too real to be dreams. Mika started researching and connecting the dots to her past lives and came face to face with the images of her past, finding they were indeed real.

From Great Heights to Valleys

Mika’s singing began when she tried to mimic a cricket trapped in the vent next to her crib. She began singing wherever she went, making up songs about everything.

Mika loved singing so much that Ms. Prichard started the cherub choir at Riverside church for Mika to sing and enjoy the beauty that music had to offer.

By the time she was 5 she had decided to be a professional singer. By the time she was 8 she was auditioning regularly and performing around Manhattan.

Mika Hale sang the American national anthem in the historic match between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. (Screenshot from YouTube)

Thanks to her rich and powerful voice, Mika’s singing began to flourish. Her vocal skills ranged from various contemporary musical genres like Pop and R&B, with a foundation in classical Bel canto. She had her first vocal coach at 15 years of age.

A peak in her singing career came on the Rosie O’Donnell show. Mika was also offered a half-million-dollar deal with Sony USA

An unforgettable singing moment came when she performed at Tyson and Holyfield’s Bite fight with thousands watching at the arena and millions from home. Her fiery voice and lyrics and style stunned, captivated, and excited the whole world.

Music, for Mika is not only an immense passion but a companion through all her sufferings and hardships. Despite her successful career path, her inner mind and heart had never been at ease. Since childhood, an imperceivably vague void had risen in her. It followed into her teens, intensified by the death of her Grandmother and Mother Hale just a month apart.

Failed relationships and the loss of her childhood first love, cigarettes, alcohol, pre-marital sex—these things stunted her emotional growth, as she puts it. They advanced the cold grip of emptiness that she found herself trying to get away from. After years of failed attempts at fulfillment, she began to take the void as her companion. She was filled with hopeless despair that her internal situation would never be resolved. She believed that she had ruined herself and would never find the joy or lightheartedness she once knew in her early childhood at Hale House.

Her constant despair left her wanting to die, the birth of a premature baby and a severely abusive relationship pushed her to destruction. Mika’s crisis peaked in 2005, pushing her to a state of spiritual paralysis and despair. She often prayed that God would strike her down, as she knew her life was too valuable to take into her own hands, something she tried once in her mid-teens.

Mika Hale watching her legendary performance of the Star-Spangled Banner at the match between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

Mika’s hope sparked when she happened across a special blue-covered book on a walk in Washington, D.C., in 2006. She excitedly read it feeling it could change her life, but the chance slipped away when she lost it. Luck eventually smiled on her when a few years later, one of her childhood friends showed her the very same book. It turned out to be the guiding book Zhuan Falun, of the ancient Chinese practice Falun Dafa a mind and body practice, based on the universal principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. This time she treasured the book, holding onto the words in the teachings as she clung to the freedom it offered her. Quickly her life began to change once she decided to take the path of practicing Falun Dafa and become the person her Divine Creator had intended.

Miraculous transition

At the celebration of Falun Dafa Day in May 2018 in Union Square in Manhattan, the beautiful Chinese song “Sheng, Sheng Wei ci Sheng” (Every lifetime was for this life) washed over the crowd. The singer was none other than Mika Hale.

Her high, smooth voice filled the square. She sang from the heart and touched everyone.

The people Mika knew were surprised by her great transformation: she sang with a solemn and loving expression in complete serenity. Indeed, today she is no longer a fierce and fiery singer. Now with sincere and soft eyes and a gentle smile, Mika is always ready to share about the miraculous changes that she has encountered and continues to experience day by day.

When Mika was in her greatest despair, her Teacher from one of her past lives came back to her. As an adult, she realized that this was none other than the author of the amazing book “Zhuan Falun,” Mr. Li Hongzhi that she discovered on that fateful day in Washington, D.C.

Practicing Falun Dafa helps Mika Hale gain peace of mind.

Mika began to look inward to find where she had gone wrong and treated people with tolerance and forgiveness and kindness. She came to realize that when a conflict arises, when other people behave badly, only kindness and compassion can resolve the conflict and defuse the hatred.

Adhering to the principle of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance in her daily life, she finally made it through all the grief and resentment that she had harbored for many, many years. The relationships with her family, friends, and daughters have also improved and begun to flourish. They support her spiritual practice and even enjoy singing together sometimes for fun.

Mika Hale (left) is practicing Falun Gong.

Mika realized when her character improves, her heart opens wider fueling her inner strength. The energy in her voice is more powerful, refined, and purer.

Mika vowed to study classical music and music composition, as classical music was intended to celebrate the divine, and she believes strongly in this tradition. After teaching herself to sing in Chinese she could sing some traditional songs.

While studying Chinese, she is discovering the sound value of each word, which helps her feel the profound inner content of this 5,000-year-old culture. She also wants to share songs with her new audiences in Chinese—the language she brought from her past life.

Mika Hale sings in Chinese.

Mika is teaching music theater, and a basic music class at Northern Academy of the Arts in New York state. Completing her own studies in music inspires her to embrace traditional Chinese culture and it’s deeply inspiring music.

Captain Nguyen Tuan Dung (L) and singer Mika Hale in the United States.

Let us all experience the transformation of Mika Hale’s singing the National Anthem of the United States of America, “The Star-Spangled Banner”

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