In recent times, science has tried to demystify one of the strangest phenomena on the planet: the Bermuda Triangle, the mysterious place where dozens of planes and ships disappeared, leaving no trace behind. 

It comprises an equilateral triangle-shaped geographic area located in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the city of Miami (USA). 

Science has found explanations both in the sky—for example, air pumps—and at sea, for example, gas leaks. However, there are still some gaps in those explanations that add to the theory that the Bermuda Triangle could be nothing less than a portal to another dimension. 

During the last century, at least 20 aircraft and 50 ships disappeared there. One of the best-known disappearances came in 1945, a North American fleet of aircraft called “Flight 19.”  There was even evidence of communication from one of the pilots, seconds before they disappeared. 

The squadron of 5 aircraft was prepared to cope with adverse weather conditions and they had plenty of fuel. However about 75 miles out from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it completely disappeared. 

Nearly two hours after leaving the military base, Marine Lt. Charles Taylor spoke bewildered to a control tower: “We are not sure of our position. We can’t spot land,” he said. “Everything seems weird… even the ocean is different… we seem to be on white water,” he added. 

Communications grew shorter until finally the planes completely disappeared. 

While the Bermuda Triangle is one of the busiest areas in the world with planes and ships, it should be clarified that not all disappear and—comparatively—there are only a few. 

However, the way these people have disappeared, leaving no trace, is what most aroused suspicion. 

In recent decades, in the world of physics it has been accepted that, in addition to the four dimensions that we perceive, there are additional dimensions or spaces. Many physicists believe that there are numerous universes as well as multiple dimensions. 

Harvard physicist Lisa Randall said that during one of her nuclear fission experiments she found—to her surprise—that suddenly some particles disappeared. She then assumed that they disappeared without a trace because they spontaneously entered a “fifth dimension” invisible to humans. 

Then the portals could be a step toward another dimension that, for some reason, is sometimes open and in others, it is not. Therefore, in the case of the Bermuda Triangle, some ships disappear and others do not.