Countless supernatural incidents remain a mystery to us all, especially when it comes to the intervention of apparent ‘guardian angels’. Their appearance remains unexplained, yet, often undeniable. 

The following two stories explore moments of angelic guidance and perhaps shed more light on the presence of otherworldly intervention.

The guardian angel Kelly

Susan Allen has worked as a nurse for more than 20 years in a hospital in Parkersburg, West Virginia. For many years she has cared for patients at various stages of illness, she has not only seen the process of patients struggling with diseases but also witnessed many more irregular occurrences. One particular incident is the story of a patient who returned from the brink of death thanks to a mysterious white angel sent by God.

That day, Susan was on her 2nd shift at the cardiovascular department when she was assigned to take care of a patient named Patricia.

Patricia was admitted to the department after suffering a stroke, she had since failed to show any signs of response for many days. The doctors tried the best that they could but to little instant avail. Patricia remained unresponsive.

After a few days in the special treatment room, Patricia finally opened her eyes for the first time. Doctors and nurses immediately conducted stimulation activities and tested her reflexes. They wanted to check the degree of her bodily injuries caused by the stroke.

Susan swore that she would never forget the look on Patricia’s face when she woke up. The left side of her face suffered from partial paralysis and so slumped downwards stiffly and her speaking was obscured, yet, she had a look of deep serenity.

A week passed and Patricia’s condition gradually began to improve. After physical therapy exercises, she began to regain her ability to walk. Patricia’s speaking ability was also improving, though she continued to use pen and paper to communicate with others. Surprisingly, however, the only question she repeatedly wrote was, “Where’s Kelly?”

(File photo) Traditional angel illustration on pastel bokeh background with copy space on right hand side. The only question she wrote was “Where’s Kelly?” (Nikki Zalewski/ Shutterstock)

At the time, there were no employees named Kelly working in the hospital. Susan guessed that Kelly must have been one of Patricia’s family members whom she was longing to see, but according to Patricia’s son, there was no-one in the family with that name. 

Many people believed that the after-effects of her stroke could have caused Patricia to be mistaken about the name, however, the name never left her. Even after her hearing ability improved, she kept asking about Kelly. After the nursing staff explained that there was no employee named Kelly in the hospital, Patricia still wanted to find this person and so shared her story with everyone that crossed her path.

Patricia told them that the night she was taken to the hospital, a woman held her hand and spoke with a soft voice.

“I’m Kelly and I’m here to help you get better.”

Presuming that Kelly was a nurse, Patricia asked her if she would die.

Kelly squeezed Patricia’s hand and said, “You will be fine! You will live on to see your grandchildren grow up. You just need to close your eyes and take a rest.”

The gentle nurse also told Patricia that she would be with her until she is no longer needed her. A feeling of peace came forth in her mind and replaced her anxiety. Patricia closed her eyes and fell asleep. The next thing on her mind was waking up to find the doctors surrounding her.

Given Patricia’s complete unconsciousness that day, it was impossible for her to talk to anyone. Moreover, Patricia insisted that she did talk to Kelly late that night, however, in fact, no one was allowed to visit patients after 8 pm.

Susan asked her to describe Kelly’s appearance. According to Patricia, Kelly was a young woman in her 20s, with long wavy blonde hair, dressed in a white suit, which was why Patricia thought she was a nurse. Patricia recalled Kelly’s eyes showing a lot of warmth and loving care. All of Patricia’s fears and anxieties were dissolved when Kelly took her hand.

A Girl With Her Guardian Angel by Charles Maurin. Kelly’s eyes were full of warmth and caring. (Charles Maurin/ WikiArt/ Public Domain)

Eventually, Patricia made a miraculous near-complete recovery. She was discharged from the hospital and returned happily to her normal life.

Over the years, Susan shared Patricia’s story with her co-workers. To her amazement, quite a few shared somewhat similar stories with her in response. Some of her co-workers also talked about patients describing a young nurse named Kelly, who comforted them when they were hospitalized for the first time. In every account, she gave the patients words of comfort and hope to assure them that they would soon recover.

It does not matter whether Kelly is only a figment of the imagination or a one sent from an unknown world, what matters is that she acted as a guardian angel that protected these vulnerable patients in the time of their most desperate need.

The Guardian angel and the child

A guardian angel watches over children on a precipice by Fridolin Leiber. Is there always a guardian angel taking care of the children? (Fridolin Leiber/ Wikimedia Commons/ Public Domain)

This story begins with a crazed call to the emergency services. 

A man announced that he had seen a woman standing in the middle of a highway on a cold rainy night. She appeared from nowhere and he almost drove the car straight into her.

The man immediately stopped the car and got out to search for the woman who had appeared on the road. He checked the sides of the road and even looked over the nearby embankment. It was very dark and he could not see clearly but still recognized that the roadside barrier was damaged. However, he could not find the woman anywhere.

He sat waiting on the roadside for the police to arrive. He told the police that he was driving home when suddenly a woman wearing thin clothes appeared from the darkness and stood in the middle of the lane.

The man could not describe her face or anything else about her, all he knew was that she suddenly appeared and then vanished immediately afterward.

The man also assured that he had not drunk a drop of alcohol that night nor was he suffering the side-effects of any medication. He was willing to take any necessary tests to prove that all of his senses were under control.

Patrol officers were still determined to conduct an examination in the entire area, but what they found was something beyond the imagination of anyone concerned.

When they shone the searchlight down on the embankment, they found a seriously damaged car. The road and fence above obscured the car from view, therefore no one would have detected it without the mysterious appearance of the woman.

The police went down to check. It seemed that the car had been run off the road and had fallen down the hill before crashing into the forest below. The driver was a young woman who was found dead on the scene. Behind her was a child’s seat held in place with the firm grip of a seat belt. The Police held their breath as they examined the child seat further.

Sat in the child seat was a small silent child whose eyes remained closed. The policemen were anticipating the worst, but when one of them leaned down and touched the baby’s cheek, his eyelids gradually opened. They could see that it was a boy, less than two years old, who thankfully had survived.

The patrolmen removed the seatbelt and brought the child to the road above. The boy was cold and strangely silent. The child did not say a word but calmly looked around, while the officers made efforts to deliver the child to a place of safety. 

The man who called the emergency service was shocked to see what was unfolding around him. It wasn’t until later, that people began to connect the dots of the story.

Patrol officers had been informed of a missing woman and her young son earlier that morning. They did not return home after spending a weekend away with relatives.

The victims of the car accident were later identified as the missing woman and her 2-year-old son. Her son, who miraculously survived, was returned to his grieving father.

So, who was the woman seen standing on the road that drew the driver’s attention to the scene on that rainy night? Was she a kind person who helped the child by standing in front of the car before disappearing without a trace at night? Or could she be the guardian angel of the boy?

The Guardian Angel by Pietro da Cortona. Is she the guardian angel of the boy? (Pietro da Cortona/ Wikimedia Commons/ {{PD-Art-100}})

We can never really know if the angels in heaven are watching us. Perhaps the stories you have just read are pure coincidence. Maybe these events are simply examples of human instincts intervening when we need them most. It is also possible that these same instincts are in fact our guardian angels hiding out of sight and attempting to lead us away from dangerous paths. In the end, deciding what to believe is entirely up to you.

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