Humans in modern society suffer heavily from the ailments of the pressures of their lives. Even those who are blessed with an apparent affluent lifestyle may live with a lack of peace internally. However, others, despite encountering tremendous pressures are still able to live a peaceful life. 

Let’s take a look at the ways in which we can find peace in the chaos and empower ourselves to access relaxation and peace…

  1. Immerse yourself in nature

Research has proven that immersing yourself in nature helps relieve stress and related afflictions, in addition to improving thinking capacity. It is not necessary to travel long distances to immerse yourself in nature. You can simply spend time in a nearby park or local green area to begin your journey into peace. 

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  1. See your friends and maintain healthy relationships

Maintaining healthy social relationships can also help you to feel happier, and by extension healthier. Ideally, aim to maintain a tight-knit group of close friends who you trust and who work as a positive influence in your life. To maintain your friendship, you can see your friends regularly to talk, or at least give each other phone calls. 


Famous American writer Emerson used to say that friends are spices and painkillers in life.

  1. Think positively 

In life, hardship is inevitable. Therefore, if you can train yourself to think positively, you will be ready to overcome whatever challenges come your way. The book Authentic Happiness says that our living environment and relationships are not sole significantly factors in attaining personal happiness. Furthermore, learning how to adjust one’s thoughts, beliefs, attitude, and behavior in a positive way is definitely within one’s reach and plays a huge part in how we experience the world. 

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  1. Express gratitude as frequently as possible

Psychologist Shawn Achor, a best-seller author, delivers us a method to train positive thinking by frequently giving compliments and showing gratitude to others. If we practice frequently showing gratitude for at least 21 days in a row we can build a habit that has more chance of remaining in our lives. 

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Scholar Steind from the University of Queensland (Australia) says that encouraging people in hardships could help them to overcome difficulties.

  1. Be compassionate 

If you remain compassionate at heart, you will be able to carry out good deeds. If you genuinely care about others and help them in difficulty, you will, therefore, feel happier and uplifted.

Good deeds among friends could bring about happiness; the strength of good deeds will also spread to people around you, inspiring them to live better, it is in this way that compassion multiplies.

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  1. Maintain inner balance 

Those who know how to maintain inner balance tend to be less hot-tempered. Therefore, they will be able to focus on pursuing their ideals and ultimately achieve their dreams. Meditation is a highly effective method that can be used to restore inner balance. Indian English travel writer, Pico Iyer, says that meditation brings your inner world to approach mystery, and helps us calm down. By practicing meditation we are able to ignite genuine happiness inside ourselves and change our lives. 

Meditation helps to maintain inner peace. In the photo is a female Falun Gong practitioner meditating (Jeff Nenarella/
  1. Practice tolerance

When things get out of control, tolerance helps you to relax, open your heart and gain a new perspective. For example, when you are driving, someone else may suddenly surpass you, just take a deep breath. If you could think that the person may be in an emergency, so they must hurry, you would be less likely to get angry with them. 

Psychology Professor, Kelly McGonigal from Stanford University, emphasizes that pressure is not the primary threat unless we suppose that it is unhealthy for us.

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