Have you ever seen or experienced anything paranormal, which does not belong to this plane or material dimension?

There are a variety of phenomena that manifest themselves in this plane. However, because they are not tangible and cannot be seen, they have been labeled as superstition or pseudoscientific phenomena.

However, scientists such as Albert Einstein and research teams in military projects have studied and even experienced the existence of a fourth dimension in which time is projected linearly in its entirety.

But it would not only be limited to the fourth dimension, some researchers understand that there are many more dimensions that coexist simultaneously. If these really existed, they would provide man with a new vision, a drastically different understanding of the universe, space-time, and life.

For example, there could be matter, energy, or even life in other dimensions. And the substances of our three-dimensional world could suddenly enter other dimensions.

At the same time, substances, energy, and life of other dimensions could suddenly appear in our plane.

There are also questions about the existence of spirits and similar issues that depend on the existence of another dimension. If this theory were tested, it would surely provide solid clues to answer such questions.

It may be hard to believe that an issue on which Western science invests so much time and money is no mystery to the ancient Chinese civilization.

Ancient Chinese wisdom

From ancient times, the spiritual cultivation community in China has always been able to clearly understand the other dimensions, and a good cultivator is even able to enter these.

The sages say that there are two ways to understand the universe: one is through science, and the other through the spirit.

Through science, man has locked himself in his understanding of the universe, limiting himself only to a framework that the human mind and modern instruments can come to understand.

However, many scientists discovering that they could only comprehend a tiny part of the vastness of the universe and creation, became believers.

Spiritual cultivators, on the other hand, are able to understand and enlighten to higher principles, which are not revealed to anyone.

By cultivating a pure heart without personal quests, they manage to meet “other worlds” that inhabit inside and outside themselves. Worlds cannot be revealed to all, for those who oppose goodness are not worthy to see them, and it could even be dangerous to them and others.

Spiritual cultivation can lead a person to deep states of wisdom and enlightenment, and to a comprehensive understanding of the human body, life, and the universe.

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