A long time ago, a poor man visited his relatives, who treated him with generosity and kindness.

He fell asleep in his seat after enjoying a giant dinner complete of food and drink.

It was almost time for the host to leave and he sewed an invaluable pearl on the man’s clothes since he couldn’t wake up his relative.

This exquisite pearl was called “Wisdom”. 

The poor, drunk person had no idea what had occurred and was unaware of carrying an invaluable pearl, so he kept struggling on the road every day to survive. Sometime later, the poor man ran into his relative. Seeing that the man was still dressed in rags, the relative sighed: “You are such a fool. Every day, you try hard to make a living. But what for? I believed you would be enjoying a nice life right now. I sewed an invaluable pearl on your clothes when you visited me. Are you conscious of that?

“This tale indicates a metaphor: before we went into this world, the gods gave wisdom to humans. But little by little we forget this precious pearl called Wisdom. And we get busy until we are lost in this globe while suffering and enjoying the ups and downs of life.

Yet there is still time for us to find that precious pearl within yourself so that we can awaken and transcend this material world.

Source: BLes

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