Glenn Beck, the American conservative political commentator and media personality, reacted to the controversial curriculum on his radio program on Tuesday, March 30, claiming it was “the craziest, most terrifying story I have ever had to report.”

On March 18, California reached a final vote on the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, which has been in the works for nearly four years, with the fourth revision being accepted. The model will be available statewide, and districts are allowed to adopt it voluntarily.

Supporters of the curriculum argue that it is essential students are informed of other communities and help minimize racist culture.

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said racism is a sickness, and we have to become the healers.” Dolores Huerta, the co-founder of the United Farm Workers Association, said in support of the decision. “There is no other place that has the greatest responsibility than our educational system. So we have to support this and have ethnic studies,” he stated.

“It will provide an honest accounting of the experiences of people of color and — more importantly — it will inspire action in countless young scholars who will see their stories represented in the classroom,” wrote California Secretary of State Shirley Weber.

However, in a released statement by the AMCHA Initiative two weeks ago, it declared “a Critical Ethnic Studies-based ESMC can’t help but incite division, hatred and harm to many students, especially Jewish students,” referring to the program’s composition of four sections including Black/African American studies, Chicano/a studies, Native American studies, and Asian American studies.

National Review published an article on the same day the curriculum was passed, condemning that it was “probably the most radical, polemical, and ideologically loaded educational document ever offered up for public consideration in the free world.”

“Students are to be taught that white Christian settlers committed “theocide” against indigenous tribes when they arrived in the New World by murdering Native American gods and replacing them with the Christian God,” National Review exposed.

As Glenn Beck read the details of the curriculum, which involve the Aztec worship rituals that Californian students would be requested to mimick, including mass human sacrifice, cannibalism, and the extreme and prolonged abuse and sacrifice of infants, he mocked “Gang, we are in biblical-sized trouble.”

“Those are the gods that they [the Board of Education in California] think really need to be worshiped and brought back in our understanding because that whole Christian God was only about ‘oppression,'” Glenn reacted, “We are under attack from the forces of darkness unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.” 

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