According to one theory, even before Christopher Columbus was born, the Chinese had already arrived in America.

Historian and former British commander Gavin Menzies in his book “1421, the year in which China discovered the world” claimed that the Chinese arrived in America 72 years before Christopher Columbus.

Menzies mentions that the knowledge of the Chinese in Astronavigation allowed the explorer Zheng He to reach almost to the South Pole using the Canopus Star to guide him. Emperor Yonge financed these trips and built big ships.

Native words of the Quechua, a native people in South America, such as “Wawa” or “Gualeguaychú”, among others, have meanings and pronunciations similar to Chinese, which makes this version of the arrival of Chinese to the continent before the Spaniards plausible.

Moreover, from the archaeological remnants of Native Americans, it can be inferred that Zheng had traveled more than once to this continent. High-level ceramics left by the natives of Mexico and Peru include figures that clearly have Asiatic faces; And you can even say that they are Chinese because of the traits and the typical fine and long whiskers.

However, many researchers reject this theory and defend the “official history.”

As Zheng He traveled at the request of his emperor, he and his crew did not invade a place or stay for a long period of time. Their purpose was not to conquer, but just to explore, since their starting point was different.

Source: BLes

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