Traveling back in time and the means to achieve this has always been a fascinating subject. It has been the source of inspiration for numerous films and science fiction books for centuries.

While many think it is an absurd idea to move forward or backward in the timeline, many scientists have ventured to study time travel and have made it possible to do so.

Albert Einstein himself in his later years concluded that the past, present, and future exist simultaneously and that time is not absolute but relative. But even before Einstein’s theory of relativity, the ancient Chinese sages believed that there are different time-spaces in different dimensions that coexist simultaneously.

The 4 images, that we will see below, exhibit certain anomalies that may lead us to believe in the possibility of time travel. They show people from several decades ago carrying objects that simply did not exist at the time, suggesting that the people in these images could well have been time travelers.

“Out of Place” person in Canada

This old black-and-white photograph was published on the website of the Virtual Museum of Canada. According to the accompanying description, the image corresponded with the reopening of the South Forks Bridge in Gold Bridge, Canada, in the 1940s. But, if we look a little closer we can see an individual in the crowd who seem out of place and time, in modern urban clothes and dark sunglasses. Could he be a time traveler?

A crowd gathers for the re-opening of the South Fork Bridge, Gold Bridge B.C. in 1941. One man appears oddly out of place. (Wikimedia Commons/ Public Domain)

Swiss watch in the tomb of the Ming Dynasty

The bewilderment of a group of archaeologists was overwhelming when in 2008 they discovered a small relic of quartz, estimated to date back to roughly a hundred years ago, that lay in a hermetically sealed tomb dating back to four hundred years ago.

“The timepiece found did not exist during the Ming dynasty and furthermore, Switzerland (the land of the watches origin) did not even exist then,” explained one of the specialists who worked in the Cave in Shangsi where this device was found.

Although the watch does not seem fully functional due to its small size, the scales are preserved in the perfectly proportional form of a fully functioning modern-day timepiece. Even the seal of ‘Swiss’ appears faithfully engraved on the back of its mourned face.

Laptop in Greek sculpture?

In a marble funeral relief currently exhibited at the J. Paul Getty Museum in California, USA, dating back more than 2,000 years, a server is seen holding in his hands what just might be a laptop?

Gravestone of a woman with her slave child-attendant (Greek, c. 100 BC). (own work by Wolfgang Sauber/ Wikimedia Commons/ CC BY-SA 3.0)

1938 film shows 20th-century technology

In 2013, a 1938 video showing a woman talking on a mobile phone was being circulated.

Black and white images showed a group of young factory workers leaving a building. But at one point, a young woman is seen smiling in front of the camera and seems to be using a large mobile phone.

Although the woman in the shot’s grandson said that his grandmother worked for the telephone communications section at the Dupont factory and that they were experimenting with wireless phones, many do not believe this version because they believe that the technology of that time was still far from the ability to create such a device.

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