5-signs-that-a-mass-spiritual-awakening-is-happening-right-now 5-signs-that-a-mass-spiritual-awakening-is-happening-right-now

By Gray, Linh | The BL


It is readily observable that many people are slowly becoming aware of the truths about our human condition, chiefly, about how it is encompassed within a societal structure that emphasizes conformity.

Exaggerated exasperation concocted by mainstream media generates vitality that aims to incite public outrage, discordance, and divisiveness. Fake news is old news. And the veil is slowly lifted. As we become increasingly desensitized or rather, fed-up, to the shock, lack of empathy and mutual-hatred between sides, we come to gradually extricate our emotions from such situations and become less and less moved by them, such detachment allows higher, rational understanding to seep through.

Here are a few signs that suggest mass enlightenment is happening:


Organic food sales are on the rise, while non-organic and GMO foods are being rejected

The value of organic foods sales in the US has risen from 20 billion dollars in 2008 to over 50 billion dollars in 2018.



This shows that people no longer want their well-being to be exploited by pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. Industries that preach well-being on one hand, yet on the other gives us “food-like substances” that poison our bodies and minds. The precipitous earnings drop in the biotech company, Monsanto, suggests a growing public disdain for their genetically modified seeds as more and more people realize the dangers of GMOs.

With more and more people starting to cultivate gardens in their own backyard, the wholesome food movement truly signifies the mass shifting of consciousness.


Meditation, yoga and mindfulness are becoming popular activities

People are looking into and moving towards the expansion of consciousness. On the one hand, you have religion that’s despite having been passed down from the divine has over time become imbued with man-made forms, on the other hand you have, spirituality, which is an innate privilege of all. Activities that emphasizes stillness and staying in the moment such as meditation and yoga helps one develop their greater innate potential.

You can’t control everything that happens in your life, but you can change how you handle the events that mark your journey. For this, meditation is invaluable.


Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa) practitioners. (Joffers951/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 4.0)

A pilot study conducted with 4th and 5th graders in a public school in Western Canada suggests that “giving children mindfulness attention training in combination with opportunities to practice optimism, gratitude, perspective-taking, and kindness to others can not only improve cognitive skills but also lead to significant increases in social and emotional competence and well-being in the real-world setting of regular elementary classrooms.”

According to Lama Jampa Thaye, a highly respected British meditation master and Mind Trainer on the Mindworks App, meditation helps people deal more effectively with negative emotions such as depression, fear and grief.


The trend towards off-grid living and minimalism

As of 2013, current estimates are that 1.7 billion people in the world live off the grid. According to Home Power Magazine, at least 180,000 families are living off the grid in the United States and that number increases each year.

A “tiny house movement” is on the move, thousands of people have called it quits on the rat race and put an end to their old lifestyle of paying high energy bills and living in clutter to adopt a more natural approach to living. Many have also found that this type of self-sufficient living can also help them save money.



People have also moved towards minimalism and begun to discard old items in droves. Rampant consumerism continues to fall in favor of a life filled with true meaning, and not meaningless stuff.


We have an ever-growing need to protect this planet and connect with each other

The action or words we say to others affect not only them in that moment as an isolated phenomenon, but rather after every interaction a part of ourselves become part of the other person. Everything is constantly changing, and so are we as human beings. The well-being of one person indubitably has an affect on all those they come into contact with.


(Image by sathyatripodi from Pixabay)

One of the benefits of rapid technological convergence is that we can have many more interactions with others than we could’ve ever had before. As we communicate with more and more people and receive more and more feedback over time, we slowly pick up on the underlying threads interlinking our mind into a hivemind of human consciousness. Perceiving this, naturally we then want to be more empathetic, more compassionate as it effects these threads of connection to resonate with brighter and brighter intensity.


Celebrities speaking out about spirituality

Woody Harrelson

A real campaigner for peace:

Jim Carrey

“…sometimes I think that the only thing that’s important really, its just letting others know we’re here. Reminding each other that we’re part of a larger self.”

Russel Brand

“You know when they analyze the semantics consistently through mythology and theology of words like “love”, “God”, they find that the common theme is union. That we just want to be connected to something higher. That might be another person, that could be God, that could be a relationship with nature. I think the important thing is to have the central tenet of your being: love, compassion and tolerance. Everyone knows that.”

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